Houston Astros Rumors: Johan Santana Would Be Advisable Pickup

By Josh Sippie
Brad Mills – USA TODAY Sports

The question really becomes who wouldn’t be a good signing for the Houston Astros. Their entire team is an audition, so the more people they throw into the mix, the more options they have and the more competitive they become.

It’s been said before that veteran players have more value on the Astros than just as potential players. Johan Santana is only looking for a minor league deal. That being said, Santana has had a fantastic career and knows pitching incredibly well. Such a mind would be a welcome addition to the young Astros’ roster. Even if he only remains through the duration of Spring Training, the knowledge he could impart on guys like Jarred Cosart, Brett Oberholtzer and Brad Peacock would be invaluable.

Then, there is the possibility that he regains some of his older form and can make his way back to the Major Leagues. There is no need to overstate the prowess he has had on the mound, and it is suffice to say that a rotation with Santana, Scott Feldman, Cosart, Oberholtzer and Peacock is enough to garnish some attention.

In perhaps the most powerful division in baseball, at least on paper, it couldn’t hurt to add another veteran who has years of statistical dominance.

No signing is a bad signing. The price is cheap, and Santana isn’t looking for much more than an opportunity, so their really is nothing to lose in this scenario for Houston.

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