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Top 5 Needs For The New York Mets

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New York Mets: Top 5 Needs

Noah K. Muarry - USA Today

The New York Mets have improved their team during this offseason. Signing Curtis Granderson, Bartolo Colon and Chris Young adds a lot to the team. Depth, power, fielding, consistency, pitching and more have made the Mets a better team.

However, that doesn’t mean the Mets are going to be a drastically improved team in 2014. The team still has plenty of holes to fill and the loss of Matt Harvey doesn’t help matters. The good news is that the extra wild card makes it easier to compete for an October spot.

If Harvey wasn’t hurt, the team would have expect at least a handful of wins more, but with him out, fans shouldn’t expect any more wins out of their team. It’s always tough to replace an All-Star, especially when your team isn’t that good to begin with.

However, the organization has done a good job setting them up for success. Being in a big market, the Mets have acted like a smaller market by building through the draft and trades. Their farm system became stacked with plenty of young talent. To take the next step, spending money may be the way to go, and if this offseason is any indication, the Mets are willing to do that.

To get into that cold weather baseball, the Mets have five holes to fill. How the team will attempt to fill them isn’t the topic of discussion. The team could trade, sign or stay in house to fill needs. This article is here to pin-point the five biggest needs the Mets are still facing.

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5. Outfield

Kevin Jairaj - USA Today

The Mets may added a couple outfielders, but overall, those positions are still weak. Chris Young is no more than a fourth outfielder. Adding one more guy couldn't hurt.

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4. Bullpen

Kyle Terada - USA Today

It never hurts to have a deep bullpen. There are plenty of guys coming off injury that can help lengthen the bullpen. Other guys like Pat Neshek can really help solidify.

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3. Bench

Debbie Wong - USA Today

A strong bench is what separates the great teams from the good teams. Having a variety of pop, speed and defense is what defines a good bench. A guy like Jayson Nix can play multiple positions. He isn't fast, but he plays great defense and every once in while, can hit one out.

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2. First Base

Noah K. Muarry

The Mets thought they had a first baseman in Ike Davis, but he has seen a decline. Lucas Duda is also not the answer.

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1. Shortstop

Star-Ledger - USA Today

Finding a good shortstop may be the hardest thing in baseball. The player can usually ether hit or play defense. An answer for this position may take some time.