What Should New York Mets Do With First Base?

By Mike Cifarelli
Lucas Duda
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets have several holes to fill, and first base remains one of those positions. With Ike Davis, Lucas Duda and Josh Satin all getting time at the position last season, it’s a mystery who will end up being the starter once 2014 begins.

Davis and Duda have been subjected to trade rumors. The Mets are still hoping to ship Davis elsewhere for a prospect or two. Satin actually had the most success of the three. Batting .279 in his 190 at-bats, Satin is already 29 years-old, which doesn’t give the Mets much optimism. If Satin had a little more success or was just a couple of years younger, I would tell the Mets to give this man the job.

Davis has the most talent of the three players and has shown that in his past. However, it has been a struggle for him at the plate. There were a few players that made me laugh when they were at the plate; Adam Dunn, Josh Hamilton and Ike Davis. I’m sure there were more, but you get the point.

As far as free agents go, there isn’t anyone that the Mets should target. Kendrys Morales would be the best bet, and he could very well end up on the team if Davis is traded. The Mets may want to even try and move Wilmer Flores to first base. His original position is third, but that is occupied. Flores enjoyed much success in his time in the majors, but it was a very small sample.

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