15 MLB Prospects Who Will Be Starters in the Majors in 2014

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15 MLB Prospects Who Will Be Starters in the Majors in 2014

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Few things are more exciting in Major League Baseball than a rookie on Opening Day of the baseball season. Most fans of baseball know well that a player making his splash on the roster for the first time is far from an overnight sensation. In most ever single case the rookie has spent years perfecting his craft to the point that he can compete at the highest level. Sometimes that is enough to win and keep an everyday job but that can be rare.

For the upcoming 2014 regular season there will be several players scattered around baseball who get their big rookie season started on Opening Day. Most of them will have spent a few games at the major league level last season but that really matters very little. Reference Mike Trout for example who was nothing all too special for his September call-up but the very next spring went forward with one of the best rookie seasons in history.

Nothing is guaranteed for the men you’ll see on this list of MLB prospects who will be starts in the Majors in 2014. Everything that they have worked so hard for will be at their fingertips but each of them will know well that only a select few will be in the conversation at the end of the season for the year’s best rookie. Who do you think will be the best rookie of the players on this list? Do you think they will miss the starting job after all? Leave a comment below if you want to answer.

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15 – Trevor Bauer – Cleveland Indians

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The Indians kind of wanted Bauer to be ready last season but he just wasn’t quite there. As long as he can spring back from those few outings he looks to be a big time rookie starter for the Tribe in the 2014 season. Their mound inconsistency might not end with Bauer’s rise in 2014 but he certainly will be part of the stabilization over the next year or two.

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14 – Yordano Ventura – Kansas City Royals

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Whoever is wondering why the Royals have a calm sense about them when letting Ervin Santana go without much of a fight, the pitching in their organization like Ventura explains it better than anyone else could. Ventura isn’t the only one likely to make a splash during 2014 on the mound for the Royals or even the best potentially; he is the more likely to start more games as a rookie however.

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13 – Jackie Bradley – Boston Red Sox

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No one is going to be shocked to see a Red Sox player on this list but this name might surprise one or two. He had a decent showing in his call-up in 2013 with 3 homers and 10 RBI in over 30 games. Don’t be shocked if he ends up starting a ton of games in the outfield in the 2014 season.

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12 – Danny Hultzen – Seattle Mariners

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There are two starting pitchers on this list for the Mariners and while the other won’t surprise you, this one just might. Hultzen is looming very close to big league readiness however. All it will take is a strong spring and early season and he could be latched into the starting five right alongside the rest.

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11 – George Springer – Houston Astros

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Depending on how things go, it is possible that Springer could begin the 2014 season in the minors but I would be shocked if he stayed there. Springer has just demolished the minors and has shown that if anyone is ready for an early season call-up and a shot at ROTY, it is him in the Astros outfield.

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10 – Travis d’Arnaud – New York Mets

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Finally the time has come for the Mets to put the best minor league catcher regularly behind the plate in the majors. D’Arnaud comes with a few questions here and there but if he stays healthy he should have no problem answering them all with rookie of the year possibilities.

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9 – Jonathan Singleton – Houston Astros

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The 2014 season is going to be the season that the Astros start to see some more young talent come through their farm system. We have already seen that in this list but first base could have a regular young fellow there as well by sometime during the season as Singleton looks to be ready to take a shot at the bigs.

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8 – Billy Hamilton – Cincinnati Reds

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The Choo era is over in Cincinnati and the fans of the big Red machine are actually excited about the guy replacing him. Hamilton showed he was ready at the end of last season but while his base stealing ability cannot be denied, his regular ability to get on base cannot be confirmed as of yet. It will be a very interesting season in Cincinnati.

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7 – Dylan Bundy – Baltimore Orioles

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Bundy is going to take a little time getting there because he is recovering from injury. He has spent two different periods of time in the majors however and there is little reason to believe after getting healthy and a short rehab stint in the minors that he will be anywhere but a major league mound.

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6 – Kevin Gausman – Baltimore Orioles

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Gausman had a taste of starting on a big league mound in 2013 and it probably didn’t taste all that good. Still his potential is there for a reason and is still intact. Look for him to emerge as a leading figure for the O’s by year’s end.

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5 – Gregory Polanco – Pittsburgh Pirates

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Where there is a Pirates outfield in 2014, there could be the presence of a rookie named Gregory Polanco. Nothing is guaranteed but he is scheduled to hit the big leagues in 2014 and that very easily could mean a starting job for him somewhere along the line if everything lines up.

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4 – Nick Castellanos – Detroit Tigers

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Though Castellanos has bounced around the diamond a little bit, he finally is settling back at third base to replace the now first base-bound Miguel Cabrera. There is no doubt about his potential and though he will have big shoes to fill at third, that guy will still be filling his own offensive shoes over at first base.

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3 – Xander Bogaerts – Boston Red Sox

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Nobody who saw the World Series will doubt that Bogaerts is heading towards a probable top rookie campaign in 2014. He showed poise beyond his years. Can he back it up all season long however?

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2 – Taijuan Walker – Seattle Mariners

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The very best September pitching debut belonged to Walker. He will hit the mound ready to try and be a part of a better Mariners team in 2014. Whether or not the team is better or not, Walker is going to have a very good chance to prove he is around the top of a rotation to stay.

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1 – Oscar Taveras – St. Louis Cardinals

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It might seem that the Cardinals have everything they need but I believe Taveras will find his way into the starting line-up in one way or another in 2014. He could even win a job out of spring training if everything goes well. If not, he will be making noise before too long in the Cardinals outfield.