Boston Red Sox Rumors: Should Boston Be A Dark Horse Suitor For Masahiro Tanaka?

By Carter Roane
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Masahiro Tanaka was recently made available for any team in the MLB to start bidding for his services. He is definitely a star pitcher and he has the potential to make an enormous difference to any team’s rotation. There have been a number of teams that have been linked to having an interest in Tanaka. The Boston Red Sox have come up every so often but should they place a bid on the Japanese star pitcher?

Tanaka is going to cost a lot of money for whatever team acquires him and he will be worth every single penny. If the Red Sox did have some sort of interest in him, a rotation of Tanaka, Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz would be arguably one of the best rotations in all of baseball. Boston would then have a huge amount of starting pitching depth and could perhaps trade one of their starters. Giancarlo Stanton would look very good in a Boston uniform. As well, Boston has had some pretty good success with pitchers from the Far East, other than perhaps Daisuke Matsuzaka and even he pitched pretty well for the first two seasons of his contract.

The reason why Boston probably won’t place a bid on Tanaka is simple; it is going to come down to money. Boston is really sticking tight to being conservative when it comes to signing players and their financial model appears to be working extremely well. If Boston did want to spend a lot of money for a player, they might have well given Jacoby Ellsbury what he was looking for. I do also think that the Matsuzaka contract, most specifically the back end of it, is in their memories. Due to that, they won’t show much of an interest in him. Perhaps there is an outside chance that Boston may place a bid but if they haven’t gone after any other huge free agents this winter, why should now be any different?

Boston has enough pitching depth that they can do without Tanaka’s salary.

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