Pittsburgh Pirates Acquiring A Bunch Of Spare Parts For Some Reason

By Zach Morrison
Chris McGuiness
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Does anyone really have any idea what the Pittsburgh Pirates are trying to do at this point? They are either trying to set a record for most meaningless first basemen trades or they have legitimate plans to send a bunch of unproven first basemen to Spring Training to battle for a starting job. Either way, it doesn’t make a ton of sense.

On Monday afternoon, the Pirates acquired left-handed first baseman Chris McGuiness from the Texas Rangers in exchange for reliever Miles Mikolas. Mikolas had been acquired a few weeks ago from the San Diego Padres along with first baseman/right fielder Jaff Decker in exchange for first base prospect Alex Dickerson.

A few weeks ago, the Pirates signed first baseman Travis Ishikawa to a minor league contract. McGuiness was the third minor league first baseman the Pirates acquired this offseason, and it truly seems like the Bucs are just throwing a bunch of first baseman baseball cards against the wall and hoping one will stick.

Hopefully the Pirates have a greater scheme that no one knows about yet, but it just doesn’t seem like they do. Every day that passes without the Bucs acquiring a proven first baseman it becomes more and more likely that the first base job will be won by either Andrew Lambo, Ishikawa, McGuiness or Decker. For a team that has extra money available to spend this offseason, that is a scary thought. I don’t want to be the “Pirates are cheap” guy, but that’s what this smells like. The Pirates appear to be skimping once again.

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