Pittsburgh Pirates Being Out of Running For Ike Davis Is A Problem For New York Mets

Ike Davis

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The Pittsburgh Pirates made a modest trade when they acquired first baseman Chris McGuinness from the Texas Rangers, but it’s a trade that could have a big impact on the New York Mets. It virtually eliminates the Pirates as a possible trade destination for first baseman Ike Davis who the Mets have been shopping all winter.

The Mets once had no less than a handful of potential trade partners for Davis, but when the MLB Winter Meetings came and went without Davis being traded it appeared as if the Pirates might be the Mets’ last hope to trade Davis this offseason. However, with the Pirates acquiring McGuinness, a left-handed first baseman, they have no reason to further pursue a trade with the Mets for Davis, leaving the Mets with a limited amount of trade partners for Davis.

The Mets were intent on trading Davis all offseason, but it doesn’t appear that progress has been made on that front. With each passing day it looks more and more unlikely that the Mets will be able to trade Davis, and that is a huge problem for them as it means that one of their biggest offseason priorities will likely go unfulfilled.

The Mets have overvalued Davis all offseason and wanted more in return than what he’s worth based on what he’s done the past two seasons, the high salary he’ll make next season, and the likelihood that he turns his career around and reaches his potential. The Mets have also appeared to ignore the possibility of trading Lucas Duda instead of Davis which will now be tough to do at this point in the offseason.

The Mets are now stuck in a precarious position as they may have to trade Davis at a discount or bring him to spring training, neither of which is something they want to do. But it seems like they’re out of options at this point.

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  • Walshman

    Option 1 Brewers Option 2 Orioles. The market is slim but not empty so get your facts straight. They were asking for Tyler Thornburg from the brew crew or Eduardo Rodriguez from O’s. They need to add a sweetener as one GM was noted to get this done, I’m thinking adding a deGrom type player in exchange for either of those two which should get the deal done and provide good competition at the fifth spot in the rotation with Mejia. Either way Mets ought to move now while they still have two potential suitors, otherwise they will not be in a position to make demands.

  • Sec.143RowMSeat24

    The Pirates would still trade for Davis as McGuiness is more a depth option. The problem for the Mets is their asking price. As of right now, Davis is no better than a platoon option. No team out there sees him being worth a Top 50-75 pitching prospect. The Pirates won’t trade Nick Kingham for him as the Brewers won’t trade Thornburg and the Orioles won’t trade Rodriguez. Perhaps one of those teams will buckle, but I can’t see it.