5 Things the Kansas City Royals Got Right in 2013

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5 Things the Kansas City Royals Got Right in 2013

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Fandom is a fickle thing. As fans, we love to love our hometown teams, but we also love to hate. As my previous articles show, being a fan has just as much to do with enjoyment as it does with pain and as much to do with criticism as it has to do with praise. Complaint of failure and acknowledgment of success go hand-in-hand when it comes to being a fan, for any team in any sport. So, to properly celebrate the end of 2013 and the coming of the New Year, it seems only right to showcase both the positive and negative that comes from diehard fandom.

Now that we're done playing backseat GM with my previous slideshow that attempted to detail the 5 most debatable moves made by the Kansas City Royals this year, it's only right that we give KC their due credit. In a time when small-market teams are making the playoffs with regularity and the Royals are seemingly on the cusp of perennial relevance, now is the time to appreciate what the organization got right in 2013. KC wasn't shy in the trade and free agency markets this year which gives us plenty to analyze until Spring Training begins. As much as I'd love to simply hibernate until those glorious sounds and sights of baseball return to us in February, detailing and debating these moves from KC certainly helps to pass the time. My Kansas City Chiefs are also primed for a playoff run to keep me going until then, so there's that.

Here are the five things that KC got right in 2013's offseason.

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5. Trading for Aoki

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I know I used this same entry on my list of KC's 5 most debatable moves this year, but to say this trade was debatable is not to say it isn't the right move. Bringing Norichika Aoki to KC in return for an expendable, albeit talented reliever was still the right call for a team that needs to improve offensively.

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4. Signing Infante

Signing Infante
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This is a near-no-brainer for KC fans everywhere. You won't find many complaining about upgrading the weakest offensive position on the team without losing anything from the roster. Omar Infante's four-year, $30.25 million contract is even considered by many to be a bargain price for such a productive bat.

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3. Extending Yost's Contract

Extending Yost's contract
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This could have easily been a part of my “Most Debatable” list, but I don't really see the complaint about this contract extension as being fair. There is no reason to assume Ned Yost can't successfully manage a winning team, regardless of his time with the Milwaukee Brewers. For all he's done for this team, Yost's two-year extension was well-deserved.

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2. Extending Moore's Contract

Extending Moore's Contract
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GM Dayton Moore deserves a heckuva lot of credit for what he's done in Kansas City. After the absolutely dismal Allard Baird years, Royals fans everywhere should be pleased to see that Moore will have the reigns for at least a few more seasons.

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1. Not Trading Billy Butler (so far)

Not trading Billy Butler (so far)
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Maybe I've put my boot to this dead horse enough already, but trading away Billy Butler is a terrible plan. So far, the Royals have recognized this and declined offers from the Seattle Mariners and others, so hats off to them for keeping the lineup strong and the clubhouse content.

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  • wade phillips

    It is as if you have no clue about Kansas City Royals baseball.

    Yost cost the royals 4 games I can think of last year. is in love with bunting. batting Escobar and Getz at the top of the order too much. didn’t use Kottaras enough. I could type forever on Yost.

    Moore should be a farm director, he has no business as a GM. the Shields trade was to save his job not for the best long term interests.

    Butler is a 2 war player, if the return is good trade him.

    Aoki is a nice player but they gave up 6 years of will smith who if he turns out to be a good #3 or 4 starter it was not worth it.

    Infante is a nice sign as well, but I would rather of had Ellis on a 1 year deal.

    If I want to look at pictures I will go to rant sports, I won’t come here for baseball intelligence.