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5 Reasons Why the Seattle Mariners Should Trade Justin Smoak

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5 Reasons Why the Seattle Mariners Should Trade Justin Smoak

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There has been no shortage of noise made in Seattle this MLB offseason. The Seattle Mariners have made a lot of moves so far and very well could have more yet to complete. Obviously the biggest move they have made is also a tie for the third largest contract in baseball history in their signing of Robinson Cano. At the same time as adding players to their roster however the Mariners have possibly put themselves in a situation where they have to trade someone.

Unless the Mariners want platoons in about three places around the diamond they owe it to themselves to find someone to trade. If they were to do that it would only make sense to trade one of their more valuable players who also has lost his guaranteed everyday starting job. When you look at those qualities one player that jumps out is Justin Smoak.

It is possible that some Mariners fans would throw something towards the computer screen for me even suggesting a trade of Smoak. Just because it wouldn’t be popular doesn’t mean it isn’t something that is not bound to happen however. Instead of getting angry at each other for me suggesting it, why don’t we look at a few reasons it would make sense for the M’s to trade Smoak?

At the end of them feel free to leave a comment suggesting whatever you think about my suggestions. One last note of possible good news for those who like Smoak to stay in Seattle; even if it makes perfect sense it doesn’t mean it will happen either. That is especially true with the current GM. Without further delay, here are the five reasons.

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5 – He Deserves to Play Everyday

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Smoak might not be the top first baseman in the majors but he has been productive enough to get a consistent everyday slot in the batting order. Considering the moves that the Mariners have made this offseason it is a very real possibility that Smoak will not get that luxury. That could adversely affect his career, at least in the short-term.

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4 – Plenty to Replace Production

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With Logan Morrison, Corey Hart and Robinson Cano it isn’t like the Mariners would really miss Smoak’s production. Even if he were slated to have a career year the M’s would be okay without him which opens the real possibility that he could be traded to fill another need.

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3 – Good Trade Value

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Obviously with any trade it is vital to make sure that a player has good trade value. Smoak is young enough and talented enough to get a pretty good return value on the trade market. Nothing is a perfect situation really but the Mariners need to fill other needs on their team if they want to capitalize on their wealth of newfound offense.

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2 – Change of Scenery

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Not that the Mariners would care all that much for what was best for Smoak but at this point he really could benefit from the big change that a trade could bring. He has to be uncertain at best as far as what his playing time will look like and a trade elsewhere would at least give him a chance at a fresh start.

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1 – No one Needs Three First Basemen

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This is pretty simple to understand but with Smoak, Logan Morrison and Corey Hart the Mariners have three major league caliber first basemen on their roster. Sure DH is there as well but each of these guys is a first baseman and they simply don’t need that many. They should trade one and the only one that makes sense is Smoak because they just signed and traded for the other two.