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5 Reasons Why Tim Hudson Will Fail With San Francisco Giants

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5 Reasons Why Tim Hudson Will Fail With San Francisco Giants

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While it might not have been the top signing of the MLB offseason or even the top move by the San Francisco Giants, the signing of Tim Hudson was quite a big deal in a few circles. Many figured Hudson to be a good candidate for a one year deal that would probably be a fairly low figure coming from his favorite hometown team, the Atlanta Braves. Everyone had to be a little surprised when he signed for the Giants as he did.

Instantly the Braves were saying they were happy for Huddy but it was suggested that there was no way they would have gone as high on him as the Giants did. The Giants meanwhile just continued a trend that started with Hunter Pence as they keep giving a little more than what players are worth just to keep them in San Francisco. I don’t mean to suggest that is a bad idea; in fact as long as the money is there why not?

For Hudson to get a good deal like he got however was surprising for a couple of reasons. We will look at those reasons and a few more in the next few slides called 5 reasons why Hudson will fail with the Giants. It needs to be said that Hudson is well liked and respected for many reasons. I join the millions of others who hope and pray that Huddy can return to form and then some for the Giants. If he doesn’t however, these few reasons will certainly be at least a few ideas for why.

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5 – Losing Team

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For a ton of seasons Hudson has been accustomed to a winning atmosphere in Atlanta. He is accustomed to leading the Braves towards a divisional title or at least a race for the Wild Card berth for a while now. If the Giants repeat their flop of a 2013 in 2014 then Hudson might see a very tough season ahead.

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4 – Personal Pressure to Succeed

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As much pressure and expectation as anyone else might put on Hudson, he will place much more on himself. This drive to do his best has been one of the biggest points of his career that continues to lead him forward. However, it can be something that leads him to try and do too much too early this upcoming season.

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3 – Possibly On Downhill Side of Career

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It is impossible to know for sure but it is possible that Hudson could have been showing signs of being on the downhill side to his effectiveness in 2013. Because of the way his season ended last year it is not going to be possible to know the truth of this one until a few months into 2014.

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2 – Different Atmosphere

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Hudson is definitely known to be one of the better leaders and motivators in a clubhouse for the majority of his career. However the clubhouse in Atlanta and that of the one in San Francisco are certainly not the same thing. That might not matter at all but it could be true that Hudson will have trouble adapting to his new surroundings.

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1 – Ankle

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This is the most obvious and possibly most likely case. The broken ankle that ended his 2013 was terrible and it was extremely severe. There will be no way to know how the healing of that ankle could limit him, considering it was his push leg, until the season is well under way.