Detroit Tigers' Next Move Must Be Re-Signing Max Scherzer

By Brent Smith
Greg M. Cooper- USA TODAY Sports

We were all prepared to move on from Max Scherzer this winter; it seemed that the budget just wasn’t there to justify keeping him over say Miguel Cabrera. This winter was supposed to be the big trade which would send Scherzer off to another team, and there was a trade alright; it just didn’t involve Max Scherzer. The Prince Fielder trade and then later the Doug Fister trade shifted the entire table, and now the only plan that seems to make sense is if the Detroit Tigers re-sign Scherzer to a long-term contract. And they better hurry up.

The market for a pitcher like Scherzer is only going to grow, and the Tigers would be wise not to keep playing with fire by waiting. The rotation cannot afford another loss, and now Scherzer has gone from being expendable to being a cannot lose player. If the Tigers are not in meetings with Scherzer right now about a contract extension then they should consider it. With each passing day that gets Scherzer closer to free agency, the Tigers risk having to overspend to keep him. The sooner a deal gets done, the sooner the Tigers can move forward feeling fairly confident in the core of their team.

I would be stunned if a deal announcing Max Scherzer has re-signed with the Tigers didn’t take place before Spring Training. The Tigers avoided making any huge splashes in the winter meetings because most assumed they were saving their dollars to throw at Scherzer. With the funds available and the now gaping need in the rotation, expect Max Scherzer to be a Detroit Tiger for a very long time.

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