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10 MLB Offseason Moves That Still Need to Happen

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10 MLB Offseason Moves That Still Need to Happen

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The MLB offseason has been not only active so far but also interesting. We have seen the Los Angeles Angels take a different approach while still overhauling their pitching staff. The Minnesota Twins have placed themselves firmly in the conversation with real live free agent signings this offseason and possibly more to come. The moves we have seen so far from the MLB teams have not taken care of all of the major needs however. We need more.

Seriously, as entertaining as the offseason has been thus far, it would be actually disappointing if there were no more fairly major moves before the start of Spring Training. Pitchers and Catchers report in a little over a month so things need to start happening soon on some of the remaining deals if they are going to. Who knows, we might even get to see another big move by the Seattle Mariners before the end of the offseason? They might have a few bucks left.

We are going to look now at ten moves that still need to happen. Some of these have been rumored and others have only been whispered. There is some speculation and a prediction or two along the way but you’ll understand the general idea as you click through. Can you think of a deal you want to see done before the season starts? There is comments section below just for you. Feel free to add your thoughts.

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10 – Pittsburgh Pirates Trade for Ike Davis

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The Pirates need to put someone consistently at first base or at least have someone decent to think of platooning. Davis might not be the NL All-star at first base but he is solid and will be someone who they can place there and expect decent offense while hoping for much more.

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9 – New York Yankees Sign Ubaldo Jimenez

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The Yankees really could use at least one more free agent addition at the starting pitcher spot. Ervin Santana would be an option as well but I would like Jimenez’s long-term potential a little more than Santana’s.

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8 – Texas Rangers Re-Sign Nelson Cruz

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Signing Shin-Soo Choo does not make the need for a re-signing of Nelson Cruz less. It just means that should the Rangers re-sign Cruz they would end up with a team that would begin to look extremely good at least on paper. They need to do what they can to make this happen.

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7 – Baltimore Orioles Sign Fernando Rodney

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After the Grant Balfour situation the Orioles find themselves in need of a closer. The need isn’t too desperate only because there were a ton of closers on the free agent market at the start of the offseason. Other than Balfour, Rodney is one of the better ones left out there and has been rumored to be on the O’s radar.

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6 – Baltimore Orioles Sign Kendrys Morales

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In spite of their constant need for pitching help the Orioles also really want to add more offense. While I don’t necessarily agree with that completely, their rumored interest in Morales is something that sounds very good. He would be a good fit for them wherever they wanted to place him and a solid productive bat.

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5 – Minnesota Twins Sign Another Free Agent Starter

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I would love to make a prediction on this as I have on others here but the field is just too open for that. The list of names the Twins are interested in adding include Matt Garza, Masahiro Tanaka and Bronson Arroyo. Arroyo might seem like the most likely of the three but the Twins have been surprisingly forward in their dealings this winter so anything is possible.

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4 – Chicago White Sox Trade Adam Dunn

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With Jose Abreu and the returning Paul Konerko the White Sox simply do not need Adam Dunn. He is still young enough, though on the downhill side of 30 for a few years now, that he would be able to try and stick somewhere for another four or five seasons in the right situation. Dunn has to be the best choice to trade for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that he is a free agent after 2014.

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3 – Los Angeles Angels Sign Matt Garza

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The field of interested teams for Matt Garza is rather large but it certainly still includes the Angels. The activity that brought in Tyler Skaggs, Hector Santiago and more recently the minor league deal for Mark Mulder do not diminish their interest in Garza. If they were to land that kind of a deal on top of the others, it would create the kind of depth at starting pitcher that the Dodgers enjoyed last season and we know that turned out pretty well.

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2 – Boston Red Sox Re-Sign Stephen Drew

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Latest rumors suggest that a return to Boston is probably in the cards for Drew. I think it is a good situation for the Red Sox to be in if they have the options of multiple infielders. We all know what can happen over the course of a long season like the one baseball enjoys. Infielder depth is a very good thing.

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1 – Tampa Bay Rays Trade David Price

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Some say the Rays might want until the middle of the season or even after the 2014 season to trade Price. Considering a down year is possible for him at this point it would make more sense to trade him before the season. A gamble could pay off for a mid-season trade but I wouldn’t make the bet if I were the Rays. Trade him sooner rather than later.