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5 Things The New York Mets Haven’t Accomplished This Offseason

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5 Things The New York Mets Haven't Accomplished This Offseason

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There’s no denying that the New York Mets have accomplished a great deal this offseason and that they’ve put themselves in good shape heading into the 2014 season. Heading into the offseason, the Mets had a laundry list of needs that they had to address, and general manager Sandy Alderson has done a fine job of addressing those needs. He has built a roster that will have a chance to compete in 2014 even though they play in one of baseball’s toughest divisions and will be forced to go through the season without ace Matt Harvey.

The Mets have solidified their outfield and added a lot of power to their lineup with the addition of free agents Curtis Granderson and Chris Young. They also did their best to make up for the absence of Harvey in their starting rotation by signing veteran Bartolo Colon. In doing so, the Mets showed a willingness to spend money which was a question their fans still had entering the offseason. More importantly, the Mets were able to make additions and improve their roster without having to trade away any of their top prospects, and that will pay dividends in the future.

However, the Mets haven’t done everything that they needed to do this offseason as there are still a few items on their offseason to-do list that haven’t yet been checked off. Of course, there’s still some time to do these things, and Alderson and his staff are certainly trying to do some of them. But the start of spring training will be here before you know it, and the Mets have yet to do these five things.

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5. Trade Daniel Murphy

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The Mets like Murphy, but he doesn’t always follow their philosophy of patience at the plate. He’s prone to extended slumps, and since he’s coming off the best season of his career now is the perfect time to trade him while his value is high. However, the Mets’ asking price for Murphy has been too high so the team has made little progress in trading him. They are wasting an opportunity for trading a player at his peak value which is something Sandy Alderson did brilliantly last season with R.A. Dickey.

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4. Solidify Bullpen

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The Mets have more or less ignored their bullpen this offseason. They lost LaTroy Hawkins in free agency and haven’t yet signed or traded for an established veteran to solidify their bullpen. The health of closer Bobby Parnell being uncertain after he missed the final two months of the 2013 season makes this even more worrisome. It’s not too late to pick up someone, but it also doesn’t look like the Mets are motivated to add a proven veteran reliever.

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3. Sign Veteran Catcher

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The torch has been officially passed to Travis d’Arnaud behind the plate, but he does have a rather extensive injury history. The Mets haven’t signed a veteran catcher to backup d’Arnaud and act as an insurance policy if he suffers another long-term injury. The Mets have good catching depth in the minors, but Kevin Plawecki -- their top catching prospect behind d’Arnaud -- is still a year or two away. If they don’t sign someone before spring training the Mets will have Anthony Recker and Juan Centeno as potential backups at catcher which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence if d’Arnaud goes down with an injury.

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2. Upgrade at Shortstop

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The Mets may still be able to sign Stephen Drew, although there’s nothing to indicate that such a move is imminent or even likely right now. They also tried to trade for a shortstop, although nothing substantial ever developed on that front. As of now, Mets’ fans need to brace themselves for Ruben Tejada being the everyday shortstop in 2014. That is a risky move for the Mets considering the way he played last season, and it would represent a failure by the Mets this offseason.

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1. Trade Ike Davis

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This was one of the Mets’ biggest priorities this offseason. While they’ve tried hard to trade Davis they’ve been unsuccessful, and now their options are running out. There is still time to trade him before spring training, but it’s disappointing that it hasn’t happened yet after it seemed like a certainty heading into the MLB Winter Meetings since the Mets never appeared to give serious consideration to keeping him and trading Lucas Duda instead.