New York Mets Could Still Land Stephen Drew

By Mike Cifarelli
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

One of the biggest free agents remaining is Stephen Drew. Drew may be the best everyday player left as the market for hitting and defense has been depleted for the most part.

Entering January without a team probably wasn’t what Drew was expecting. There hasn’t been a whole lot of talk about the shortstop. Some rumors have linked him with the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals, who have since signed Jhonny Peralta. What seems to be clear is that the Boston Red Sox want him back, but at their price.

His price continues to drops as he sits around, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the draft pick attached to his name. Some free agents have recently had trouble finding a new team when a pick is associated with their name; Michael Bourn would be an example from last season.

If there is a  price drop, the New York Mets could now find themselves back in the mix. There are rumblings the Mets would like to sign Drew, but at their cost. The price on Drew seems to be high. Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors was predicting a four-year, $48 million signing, but that prediction may be off now.

The Mets and Red Sox are both doing the same thing: waiting Drew out. Eventually, Drew will just want to play for a team even with Scott Boras as his agent. The difference could be that Drew may be more interested in re-signing with the Red Sox, which would mean that the Mets would have to offer more money.

As for the draft pick, the Mets would only have to surrender the 83rd overall pick, making Drew a very real possibility.

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