Detroit Tigers' Ian Kinsler Poised For Breakout Season

By Brent Smith
Tim Heitman- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers traded for Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder, but most Tigers fans completely forgot we got anyone in that trade let alone an All-Star second baseman. When the trade was announced so many Tigers fans were so thrilled or dismayed at Prince Fielder leaving that the Ian Kinsler part of the trade got thrown to the side in a way that was not really seen in any trade in baseball history. It will be the Ian Kinsler side of the trade that will occupy Tigers fans’ minds going forward, however.

Ian Kinsler has been a quiet, unassuming superstar. There is nothing particularly flashy about his game, nothing about his personality that commands the spotlight or media attention because he lets his play do the talking. Tigers fans only need to remember the 2011 season when Kinsler was a pest. He ended up–with the help of Nelson Cruz–eliminating the Tigers in the ALCS. He can hit for power, average, plays excellent defense, has speed and has played in a numerous amount of big games, yet many fans take for granted how great of an acquisition this is. It is obvious that once he takes the field in a Tigers uniform, people will realize just how special a player Ian Kinsler is.

Now, it is true that he is no longer hitting in a hitters friendly park, but the thought of how many triples Kinsler could hit for in Comerica Park is fun to visualize. The tandem of Jose Iglesias and Ian Kinsler is going to take fans back to the days of Alan Trammel and Lou Whitaker, with it’s shear athleticism and talent at the middle infield positions. It’s okay that fans aren’t focusing on Ian Kinsler right now, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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