Los Angeles Dodgers Rumors: Don Mattingly Extension Thankfully Coming

By Isaac Comelli
Don Mattingly
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers ended what felt like a terribly long period of front office silence on Monday morning as Ken Rosenthal reported on contract extension talks with Manager Don Mattingly:

You may remember the hubbub and chaos that ensued when the Dodgers and Mattingly could not seem to agree on a contract status. Mattingly, for obvious reasons, felt that he deserved to be given an extension after the Boys in Blue turned their season around and came just one game short of forcing a Game 7 in the 2013 NLCS. The Dodgers’ front office, on the other hand, seemed to be happy to let Mattingly return to coach the final year on his contract in 2014 and then discuss the possibilities after that.

Now it seems as if Mattingly will get what he wanted and it is about time. I say this not out of support for Mattingly, but believe that the extension is in the best interest of the team itself. All of this talk about whether or not the extension would happen was creating a distraction and if it had continued on into the 2014 MLB season, the focus would have remained on Mattingly and his future and not the team and their present.

Although I have my issues with Mattingly, I believe his good does indeed outweigh his bad as he will be an overall positive presence in the Dodgers’ dugout. The most important thing about these rumors, if they stand to be true, is that the Mattingly extension saga will be over and the Dodgers can get back to business and focus on the more important things in life, like finding a solid middle infielder.

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