Baseball Hall of Fame Voting: Houston Astros Have Plenty To Gain in 2014

By Devin O'Barr
Houston Astros
Brett Davis – USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday January 8th of 2014 could go down as one of the most important dates of Houston Astros history.

To be brutally honest: it seems like decades since the “Killer Bees” were seen roaming Texas just because of how far the franchise has fallen since the glory days of Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell and Lance Berkman. Thankfully, Houston baseball fans could have a reason to cheer for their icons as soon as this afternoon.

The Baseball Hall of Fame vote is always a hot-button topic, but this year’s process has definitely taken a life of it’s own simply because zero players were elected into the Hall in 2013. The one silver lining from last year’s voting was that Biggio was the highest vote-getter as he hauled in over 68% of the overall vote in just his first year on the ballot. Biggio is almost a lock to make it this year, but the same can’t be said about fellow Astros legends in Roger Clemens and the aforementioned Bagwell.

This January marks the fourth time in which Bagwell has been on the ballot and the stocky first baseman has worked his way up the list every year. In fact, Bagwell went from receiving just 41% of the vote in 2011 to reeling in nearly 60% last year. If Bagwell and Biggio are elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame on the same day then the city of Houston might just erupt. And while Biggio and Bagwell spent a combined 35 seasons in Houston, another semi-Astros legend is on the ballot with a steroid-riddled past. Sure, Clemens isn’t exactly beloved in the Lone Star State, but he did win a Cy Young Award and lead the ‘Stros to a World Series in just a three-year stint with the club.

Baseball fans know that the Hall of Fame voting can be rather inefficient at times, but if this trio of Astros stars make it to the Hall then you know Houston won’t have any complaints.

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