Can Cole Hamels Have An Award-Winning Season For Philadelphia Phillies?

By Rebekah Milsted
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Cole Hamels was supposed to be the ace for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2013 after being named the opening day starter. Instead he let everyone down as his teammates failed to score runs for him which led to losses. Can he bounce back and show he is capable of being an award-winning pitcher?

Hamels finished the season with a 3.60 ERA which is very high for him. In 2012 he had an ERA of 3.05, and he gave up 15 more earned runs and had 14 less strikeouts in 2013. His 8-14 record was a losing one which has not occurred since 2009, and was arguably his worst season since he stared in the Majors in 2006.

I believe that Hamels will turn things around in 2014. He just turned 30-years-old so there is a lot of time left in his career. Hamels also has the type of personality where he wants to improve. He wouldn’t want people to remember the season he had last year.

Hamels won the National League Championship Series MVP along with the World Series MVP in 2009. He just has to find that champion momentum. If he finds that then I believe Hamels could get back to his award-winning ways.

Hamels is going to be one of the Phillies’ top pitchers again. It is going to be between him and Cliff Lee for the top spot. With just two known strong, reliable arms the team is counting on Hamels to be the pitcher everyone believes he can be. If he stays healthy and the offense learns to score this season then Hamels will have a bright season.

Every athlete is entitled to a bad season, and I believe that is what happened to Hamels in 2013. This could potentially be a career-year for Hamels, and it will be fun to watch.

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