Los Angeles Dodgers Should Focus On Other In-House Issues Following Don Mattingly Extension

By Michael Pidgeon
Don Mattingly
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I recently discussed the idea of the Los Angeles Dodgers needing to take care of in house issues before they start pursuing the likes of Masahiro Tanaka. Well, following the extension of manager Don Mattingly, the Dodgers are on their way to doing exactly that.

The issues between the Dodgers’ front office and Mattingly became well known during a very disturbing press conference that featured Don and general manager Ned Colletti. Mattingly discussed how his 2014 option didn’t kick in until Los Angeles made the NLCS and how uncomfortable it was to manage in a situation like that.

Don calling out Colletti in front of the media was something that wasn’t guaranteed to benefit him in the long run. However, in the end the Dodgers did the right thing. Los Angeles and Mattingly have agreed on an extension that will reportedly keep the two together through 2018. Now it’s up to Don to show the Dodgers he is the man for the job and to lead Los Angeles to its first World Series victory since 1988.

Now with the managerial decision taken care of, it is time for the Dodgers to move on to other in-house issues. Hanley Ramirez and Clayton Kershaw are both expected to get extensions from the Dodgers at some point in the near future.

Both extensions should be thought long and hard about before Los Angeles jumps into anything. Kershaw is only 25 so the 10-year extension that has been rumored for a while now won’t be horrible if the two parties can work something out. However, Ramirez is a different story.

Hanley has had nagging injuries throughout his entire career, and I’m sure the Dodgers don’t want to back themselves into another corner like they have already done with their Matt Kemp deal.

Los Angeles made the right choice extending Mattingly, but the hard decisions are far from over. How the Dodgers handle the extensions of Ramirez and Kershaw is yet to be seen, but in the end both extensions need to get done.

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