Who Is the Best Red Sox Player Not In the Hall of Fame?

By Carter Roane
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Being a baseball junkie, this is a time of the offseason that I always look forward to. It got me to start thinking about the Boston Red Sox and question who is the best Red Sox player not in the Hall of Fame.

This isn’t really based on anything, it just happens to be one person’s opinion. I ruled out Curt Schilling because he is still very new to the ballot. I am also ruling out Roger Clemens because even though he started his career with the Red Sox, people may think of him more as a member of the New York Yankees or Houston Astros. Also because of that little PED controversy. No, this article is about a Red Sox player who spent almost his entire career in Boston and will certainly always be thought of as a Red Sox.

That player is Dwight Evans. He tended to get overlooked particularly during the early part of his career, but when you look back at what he accomplished, he has really built a resume deserving of Cooperstown. He won eight Gold Glove awards, two Silver Slugger awards, was a three-time All-Star and has two home run titles to his credit. He also was probably the best right fielder of his era. If you ever got a chance to see him play, quite simply he had the best arm that you will ever see. Currently in the MLB, Yasiel Puig has a cannon for an arm, but Evans was stronger and much more accurate.

What hurts Evans is that he was a late bloomer. He was definitely better the second part of his career than the first and because of that he tends to not be considered a dominant player. Although, from 1981-90, he was a huge force in the Boston lineup and there was no one better during that time in the clutch than Evans. If you are a sabermetrician fan, you could even apply those types of formulas to Evans’ body of work and he more than holds his own with many players who are in the Hall of Fame. If Evans had blossomed into the type of player that he became at the beginning of his career, he would be a shoo-in. Unfortunately, it might take quite a bit for Evans to get in there.

If Jim Rice is in there, Dewey should absolutely be in the Hall, no question.

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