Boston Red Sox Prospects: No. 11 Brandon Workman

By Shaun P Kernahan
Brandon Workman
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Brandon Workman had a total of one relief appearance over part of three seasons in the minor leagues, but regular season and playoffs combined, 24 of his 27 appearances for the Boston Red Sox came out of the bullpen.  Workman’s three starts were very impressive, entering the fifth inning of his first two starts without surrendering a hit, but he really found his groove coming out of the bullpen.

By October, Workman had become a regular in late-inning situations as the Red Sox secured their third World Series championship in a decade. But what does the future have in store for Workman, and where does he fit into the mix with all arms the Red Sox have?

Workman has a an average fastball when he is a starter, topping out at 95, but in the bullpen he can crank it up an extra MPH or two.  He also throws a quality cutter that comes in in the high 80s and can spin an average curve.  He has played around with a change, but it is still not a quality big league pitch at this point.  He could fit in just fine as a fourth starter, but he could bring real value to the club as a late inning reliever.

If the Red Sox do decide to stretch him back out into a starter, he has the body to do it.  At 6-foot-4 and almost 200-pounds, he carries most his weight in his lower body and could handle a starter’s workload.  The problem is the Red Sox have plenty of starters, and there are other high minors pitching prospects that have a better starter profile.  Workman will never have the stuff to hold down a closer role, but he could be a solid right-handed option opposite Drake Britton as the left-hander in the seventh and eight innings for some time.

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