Detroit Tigers' Justin Verlander Has Surgery As Fans Hold Their Breath

By Brent Smith
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

Justin Verlander was doing his offseason conditioning program in December when something didn’t feel right. If this sounds familiar it is because Victor Martinez two years ago also suffered an injury during his offseason workout program in December which ended up ending his season so you can understand why Detroit Tigers fans are just a little bit skeptical and scared when they see the word surgery next to one of their star players.

Luckily for Verlander and the team it was a core muscle repair surgery which, while not fun to go through, is not as serious as a shoulder or arm injury. It is the same surgery Miguel Cabrera underwent in October and the timetable is set at six weeks of rehab, but that still won’t calm the nervousness of Detroit who has seen offseason injuries plague them unlike any team in existence. One only needs to read Joel Zumaya‘s Wikipedia page to understand how it seems Tigers players are healthier on the field than they seem to be off of it. While everyone keeps saying everything is fine, Tigers fans always have to silence that little voice in their mind that Verlander is going to struggle and this is going to be the reason.

There is no more room for error in the Tigers rotation now that Doug Fister was traded so right now everyone is just holding their breath that both Cabrera and Verlander make it through their surgeries flawlessly. Once injuries happen it can be hard to keep them away, but the Tigers are going to need to enlist some voodoo help because any more surgeries or injuries to this roster could spell its end in 2014.

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