Steroid Users Should Not Be Denied Access To Baseball Hall of Fame

By Zach Morrison
Barry Bonds
Ford McClave-USA TODAY Sports

The baseball Hall of Fame is becoming more of a joke as each class is inducted. Year after year, the baseball writers that have votes for the Hall of Fame are missing the point, to get the best players — the most iconic players — into the Hall. This year may have created the biggest ever mockery of the Hall of Fame.

This year, sportswriter Dan LeBetard gave his Hall of Fame vote to Deadspin. You read that correctly, he literally gave his vote away. That simply can’t happen. While we can all agree that this shouldn’t happen, we can also agree that this isn’t the biggest issue with the Hall. Two major issues I have with the Hall are that voters are given a lifetime vote (so even if they stop covering baseball, they still have votes), and the fact that steroid users are constantly denied access to the Hall.

The most obvious example of a steroid user being denied access to the Hall is none other than Barry Bonds. Bonds, possibly the greatest hitter of all-time, is not being voted in to the Hall of Fame. Why? Because he is connected to steroid use. Let me preface this by saying that I am certainly not a supporter of steroids, but I do think they belong in the Hall.

Consider this when alienating steroid users: How do we know that no one currently in the Hall of Fame used steroids? What if — and by no means am I accusing him — Babe Ruth used steroids? He’s in the Hall of Fame, but since we have no obvious links between him and steroids, no one even considers to possibility. There are a ton of players in the Hall, the chances of not one of them having used steroids are near zero percent. If some of the best players in the history of MLB were connected to steroids, or even proven to have used steroids, it’s certainly a shame, but they still deserve a spot in Cooperstown.

Regardless, the Hall of Fame is a joke and the never-ending arguments that occur every year are old. The voting system is flawed and deserving people are being left out. Go look at Bonds’ career numbers and tell me he doesn’t belong in Cooperstown.

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