Is Lyle Overbay a Serious Option for Houston Astros at First Base?

By Josh Sippie
Anthony Gruppuso – USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros have most definitely filled the need to bolster their feeble bullpen, as the gross majority of their offseason signings have been established relievers like Chad QuallsJesse Crain and Matt Albers. But their other main need, a first baseman with power hitting, was never really answered. They added Jesus Guzman, but it is yet to be seen if he is a viable every day option like they were looking for.

Guzman has a decent enough resume, and many admit that his main downfall was the he was never given the chance to perform day to day.

But Lyle Overbay is still on the market, so the question is whether or not he would be a better option than what’s available.

Overbay doesn’t have overwhelming numbers. He hasn’t hit .270 since 2008. He’s only reached 20 home runs once since 2007 and he hasn’t eclipsed 70 RBIs since 2006. All in all, that means he hasn’t been a substantial offensive threat in over five years.

I’ve said it before that any signing the Astros make is a good one. The more names they throw into the mix, the better. However, Lyle Overbay may be an exception to that rule. They already have Guzman, Jonathan SingletonBrett Wallace and Chris Carter on the 40-man roster, with Mexican League star Japhet Amador also in the mix. As it stands, all of those options appear to be better than Overbay.

It would be more beneficial for the Astros to go after a flyer like Grady Sizemore, who has game-changing potential. Overbay just doesn’t offer enough to make his signing beneficial.

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