Alex Rodriguez Comes Through For Once, Sues MLB

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez is a real life, walking and talking joke at this point. After it was ruled on Saturday that he would have to serve a 162-game suspension from MLB, A-Fraud has backed up his word and followed though on his promise to sue. The former slugger has filed a suit against MLB and its players association, alleging that arbitrator Fredric Horowitz was biased in his ruling. For a guy whose word normally means nothing, this is certainly a change of pace. But all jokes aside, this is really the only move Rodriguez had left.

They say that desperate times call for desperate measures, which is certainly true. It’s also true that desperate people do desperate things. All of the above apply to A-Roid at the moment. He’s desperate, because he’s been backed into a corner and he has no place else to go. The only thing he can do is cry, and say that he’s been the victim of a witch-hunt.

This latest legal move by his camp is only going to delay the inevitable. Rodriguez is not going to play next year. He can try all he wants to better his image, but at this point it’s already taken too many hits. A-Roid is guilty in the court of public opinion. He’s also guilty in the world of MLB. That’s two big time strikes. The third strike will be right around the corner, once his lawsuit is thrown out.

Is A-Fraud done forever? Probably not. For now, his career remains on life support. True baseball fans can only hope that a full year away from the game will detract him from ever wanting to return. But first and foremost, they’ll have to hope that he American legal system does its job by upholding the rulings made by MLB.


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