Alex Rodriguez Suspension: New York Yankees 3B Desperately Sues MLB, Player Association Monday

By Phil Naegely
Alex Rodriguez
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

After arbitrator Fredric Horowitz issued a 33-page decision Saturday which shortened Alex Rodriguez‘s suspension from 211 to 162 games, the ruling is now being challenged by A-Rod. On Monday, the Yankees player sued Major League Baseball and the players’ union in hopes of overturning his season-long suspension. However, Monday’s lawsuit is his equivalent of throwing a last-second Hail Mary in a football game, and it will most likely not succeed.

Many baseball fans and other legal aficionados are stating A-Rod does not deserve the hefty penalty. Horowitz would agree that A-Rod’s penalty is rare but would add that his actions are equally rare.

“While this length of suspension may be unprecedented for a MLB player, so is the misconduct he committed,” Horowitz wrote in his statement on Saturday.

In addition, the 33-page decision from Horowitz details the third baseman’s PED use. The evidence against A-Rod seems to be piling up from other sources as well. On Sunday, Anthony Bosch was interviewed on “60 Minutes” where he gave great detail into how and what he injected into Rodriguez’s body.

Nonetheless, this legal battle won’t be going away anytime soon even though it should have ended a long time ago. Instead of focusing on Spring Training and another baseball season, Rodriguez prepares to state his case why he shouldn’t be suspended for the entire 2014 MLB season.

As with Hail Mary passes, more times than not they fail. For A-Rod, the odds are similar. In the end, A-Rod’s latest lawsuit against the league and player association will fail, and he is only wasting not only his time but others’ as well. It’s time for A-Rod to accept his punishment and step away from the national spotlight as the 2014 season gets set to begin.

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