Charlie Manuel's Return to the Philadelphia Phillies Questionable

By matthewregan
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Manuel has agreed to be part of the Philadelphia Phillies organization once again. After being fired as the manager of the Phillies in August, Manuel will be taking on the role of senior advisor to Ruben Amaro Jr. He will be evaluating minor league players and work with them on their hitting.

There is only one problem with Manuel’s new position. Amaro does not like to listen to others’ opinions on how to run the team — not even Manuel. While Manuel was the manager, he and Amaro disagreed several times on who should be given playing time and what players from the minors should be up starting with the Phillies.

The best example is right fielder Darin Ruf. Amaro made it very clear that he did not feel Ruf was talented enough to be an everyday player. This went against what appeared to be Manuel’s evaluation. Ruf, who hit .247 with 17 home runs in 73 games, seemed to be coming into his own as a fielder and major league hitter.

In his only other stint with the Major League team, Ruf hit .333 with three home runs in 12 games. Despite the promise he continued to show, Amaro feared he was lacking proper fielding ability to be an everyday player.

This seems to have been proven wrong. Ruf only had two errors in his 73 games last season — both coming at first base, not in right field. Despite Manuel’s opinion on playing Ruf, Amaro continues to talk down on his play, and in the offseason he acquired 36-year-old Marlon Byrd for right field.

So there is a very slim chance that Amaro will actually use Manuel as an advisor. He is most likely going to be mainly used to help work on  hitting with minor leaguers. But welcome back, Charlie; Philadelphia has missed you.

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