Is Alex Rodriguez Getting Fat?

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez has been in the news all week because of his ongoing back-and-forth battle with MLB. The league ruled that A-Rod will have to serve a 162-game suspension because of his connection to Tony Bosch and Biogenesis. Originally, Rodriguez was ordered to serve a 211-game ban, so this season-long ban is actually a pretty good bargain for him.

Of course, A-Rod is fighting the ruling by suing MLB and its players association. In the meantime, he’s apparently been spending some extra time at the buffet. Check out this photo that surfaced on Twitter, which has given birth to the nickname ‘Fat A-Rod’:

Alex Rodriguez

As you can see, Rodriguez isn’t looking too fit these days. Is it just a bad photo? Is his shirt just sticking out in an odd fashion? It’s possible, but to me it seems like he’s put on a few pounds. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

So what will the future hold for A-Rod? I just can’t see him walking away from the game for good after this latest ruling. Even though he seems to be clearly guilty of cheating, it just doesn’t seem to phase him. He’s set on returning to the game and in his mind, redeeming himself on some level. In the eyes of most baseball fans, there’s no way that’s going to happen. Most people will never believe that he’s clean and many more will simply never forget the negative attention he’s brought to the game.


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