Los Angeles Dodgers Set Up for Perennial Success With Clayton Kershaw's Long-Term Deal

By Phil Naegely
Clayton Kershaw
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Earlier in the week, sources mentioned that the Los Angeles Dodgers wanted to wrap up Clayton Kershaw‘s new deal by Friday. On Wednesday, the Dodgers and Kershaw agreed to a perfect deal for both parties, and the team is now set up for perennial success. First tweeted by Ramona Shelbourne of ESPN and confirmed by other sources, the deal is worth $215 million over seven years with an out clause after five.

Overall, this is a win-win for both the Dodgers and Kershaw. The two-time Cy Young winner will only be 32-years old when the seven-year deal ends, and his potential does not seem to be plateauing anytime soon. Additionally, Kershaw is arguably the best pitcher in the league, and  it is obvious that the Dodgers’ success in recent years is mainly due to his dominance on the mound.

If the Dodgers were not the already NL West favorites for 2014 and beyond, the deal cements them as favorites for years to come. For those saying Kershaw does not deserve this lucrative contract, try to figure out who was a better pitcher in the NL last year. Some were expecting Kershaw to receive a deal closer to $300 million over 10 years. However, this deal is better as it ends during Kershaw’s prime.

The Dodgers hit the ball out of the park by signing Kershaw to this long-term deal. Likewise, Kershaw was finally paid what he earned, and the new contract should not change his performance on the mound. During this new contract, Kershaw could double his collection of Cy Young awards. Opposing NL West batters are surely shaking in their cleats now that Kershaw will be with the Dodgers for at least five more years.

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