MLB Makes Right Move, Votes to Expand In-Game Instant Replay

By Connor Muldowney
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like Major League Baseball is taking steps in the right direction regarding the expansion of instant replay and cleaning up all the questionable calls made in the league. All 30 MLB teams unanimously voted to expand instant replay in order to cover other aspects in review that were never covered before.

Challenging will work nearly the same as it does in the NFL nowadays. Managers will get one challenge per game. If the challenge is won, the team gets one more challenge that they may now use.

Sure, this will prolong games, but it will also ensure the fairness of the game and eliminate such events like the Armando Galarraga blown perfect game or maybe even the Chicago Cubs possible fan interference with the infamous Steve Bartman that ran him out of town and led to the Cubs losing the playoff series.

You may be wondering which plays can now be considered reviewable, so I have a list here for you:

  • Home runs
  • Ground rule doubles
  • Boundary calls (meaning players caching a ball out of play)
  • Fan interference (the Bartman special)
  • Force outs and tags
  • Fair/foul ball
  • Trapping or catching ball cleanly
  • Hit by pitch
  • Whether a base runner touches a base
  • Count (if the umpire gets balls/strikes wrong or outs as well)

All other plays will not be reviewable under instant replay — such as balls and strikes — but this is definitely a step in the correct direction for the league in Bud Selig‘s last season.

Hopefully we will have no more Steve Bartmans in the world who will never have the same type of life again.

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