Houston Astros Smart To Invite Veteran Cesar Izturis To Spring Training

By Josh Sippie
Richard Mackson – USA TODAY Sports

Remember the whole, “no signing is a bad signing for the Houston Astros” theory? Well, it proves correct again here. While it did not necessarily apply to Lyle Overbay, Cesar Izturis brings something else to the table. The Astros have a young foundation at a lot of positions, especially shortstop with Jonathan Villar the front-runner to hold down the spot on the MLB squad. Meanwhile, Carlos Correa is ranked as the no. 3 shortstop prospect in the game.

In steps Izturis. With the two young shortstops as well as Jose Altuve at second base, there is still plenty of room for learning. Izturis is known for his fielding prowess. There is no tool more useful for a middle infielder than his glove/arm combo. Having a veteran like Izturis, even if it is only just for Spring Training, should prove to be incredibly beneficial to the young middle infielders that will be a part of the Astros for years to come.

It’s never a bad thing to have a veteran player hanging around younger guys. That was part of the argument of why the Astros should reach out and sign Lance Berkman.

Not only that, but again, it gives the Astros even more options. He could be a viable backup for the middle infielders. While his offensive numbers have never been outstanding, he’s definitely no slouch. As a career .254 hitter, he also brings some speed to the table with 110 career stolen bases. If there’s one thing a team like the Astros can’t have too many of, it’s veterans.

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