The 15 Strangest Players in the MLB

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The 15 Strangest Players in the MLB

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The players in Major League Baseball cover all types of people. Some are business –like around the game while others are hilarious almost all the time, including when they are on the baseball field. This article is going to focus on those players who fall under the category of being different or strange. Strange is a wide ranging category in and of itself and we’ll travel all meanings in the fifteen major leaguers you’ll see.

One thing that needs to be said early on is that the word strange gets a bad rap sometimes. To me, strange doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Someone who is considered one of the strangest players in baseball can be the nicest guy on the planet, just a little off or odd around baseball and otherwise. Actually I would go so far as to say many times strange can be a very good thing. There are occasions when it isn’t such a good thing too of course.

When I think of strange baseball players I always think of former pitcher Turk Wendell. This is a guy who chewed a load during each inning on the mound, made sure not to touch the foul line and brushed his teeth in-between innings. Not only that but he was obsessed with the number 99. It was his jersey number and he even made sure to sign a deal worth $9,999,999.99 exactly. He was a great teammate and a good pitcher; just different or strange. If you can think of someone currently playing that you also think is a little different, please name them below.

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15 – Adam Wainwright

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We all know how good Wainwright is on the mound but when he isn’t pitching he is usually being a goof-ball in the dugout. This could mean dancing, having fun with an opponent or many things. Once he and a teammate made it their goal to force a security guard to crack a smile.

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14 – Jimmy Rollins

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For as long as Rollins has been around he is always known to be good for a laugh. He’s a talker and doesn’t mind mixing it up with teammates. Once a camera caught him standing around the batting cage saying, “Somebody musty!” over and over again.

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13 – Prince Fielder

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The Rangers are about to see how impressive Fielder can be during a season but they might also see some fun antics from their new first baseman. He has once at least stolen popcorn from a fan in the front row after chasing a foul ball to the stands.

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12 – Jose Fernandez

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Not only was this guy easily the rookie of the year but he was one of the more amazing personalities of the season as well. He constantly jawed with opposing teams and though it caused problems once or twice, should eventually settle into one of the more exciting pitchers in the game to watch. There is no one that does what he does on the mound with the opposing team.

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11 – Munenori Kawasaki

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What a huge impact Kawasaki had with the Blue Jays and most of it wasn’t even amazing on-field play. His personality was evident all over the place and most definitely was clear when he was interviewed after a game or before a game. We can all only hope he finds some MLB time this season.

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10 – David Ortiz

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This is a guy who cursed on national TV, accepted awards while wearing a helmet and ski-goggles and wore a WWE style title belt to the Red Sox parade. I think we all know just how strange and crazy Ortiz can be.

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9 – Yasiel Puig

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Puig was just as odd off the field as he was exciting and volatile on the field. Whether he made news for an incredible play, acting like a little leaguer whether happy or upset with himself, or being invited to a certain popular mansion according to reports; Puig most definitely made a huge impact with the fans and players around MLB.

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8 – Adrian Beltre

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Beltre is always good for a laugh or something no one else would think to do. During 2013 he was caught in a run-down and took off down the left field line when he knew he was as good as out. It got a laugh from everyone in the ballpark including the third base umpire. It could get really fun to watch he and Fielder around each other.

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7 – Brian Wilson

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What else can we say about Wilson besides what you see? Sometimes the way you look is all it takes for others to know you are quite a bit different and that is the case with Wilson. Reportedly he is a great teammate and awesome to have in the clubhouse but he certainly is a strange fellow while being those things.

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6 – Jamey Wright

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Wright is a tall pitcher that in 2014 will be joining Wilson in the Dodgers bullpen. In 2013 he could be seen celebrating with the Tampa Bay Rays while wearing a wookie head. I think that about says it all.

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5 – Carlos Gomez

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Gomez is one of the most volatile personalities in the game without a doubt. He can have a good laugh one moment and then seemingly lose his mind the next. Whatever issues combine to make him act the way he does, they also allow him to be one of the more promising players in baseball; when he keeps his head straight.

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4 – Tim Lincecum

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Some of the buzz around Lincecum has dropped off with his numbers and the cutting of his hair but he is still the same guy. Don’t forget why he got the nickname “the freak” after all. He should have a great time in the Giants’ clubhouse alongside Tim Hudson.

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3 – Adam Dunn

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Dunn can be seen having fun on commercials or random times in the dugout as well. He has been known to call during a game to check-up on announcer Bob Uecker. That is cool enough but it’s also a bit strange isn’t it?

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2 – Elliot Johnson

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Johnson didn’t have the chance in the playoffs to show the world his amazing personality but his time with the Braves included a game-winning run where he was interviewed after the game. He went into the interview acting exactly like a NASCAR driver after winning a race. It was hilarious and that is the type of thing he does all the time.

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1 – Nick Swisher

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Swisher is a quality baseball player for sure but he is also a funny one. He has odd behaviors and hilarious actions all the time and always has. You never know what Swisher is going to come up with but you can bet it will be funny and it probably will be a bit strange as well.