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5 Reasons Why Toronto Blue Jays Should Have Fired John Gibbons

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Why Gibbons Has Got To Go

John Gibbons
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The Toronto Blue Jays are perhaps the most confusing ball club in all of MLB. Going into the 2014 season, it's very difficult for even the biggest of baseball gurus to predict where the Jays will stand in the AL East by the time all 162 regular season games have been played.

Although the Blue Jays still have one of the most potent batting orders in all of baseball on paper, they lack stability throughout their starting rotation. However, it's not the current holes in the pitching rotation that will set them back when they take the field at the start of April -- it's the lack of baseball savvy and lackadaisical attitude coming from their bench boss in John Gibbons that will prove to be the demise of the team. Gibbons provides nothing but a low amount of energy in the way he walks, the way he talks and in his decision-making, creating a trio of characteristics that no manager in any professional sport should possess. It's safe to say that Gibbons is the complete package when it comes down to being a bad manager. This is probably why he wasn't picked up by any other team as a manager when he was last sent packing six seasons ago.

When Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos hired Gibbons, he hired a friend. The two used to rub shoulders in Gibbons' previous tenure as the Blue Jays manager before he was ultimately canned by former GM J.P. Ricciardi back in 2008. To this day, Gibbons hasn't managed a game for any other club in MLB and for good reason.

Instead, the Blue Jays have instilled their trust in a manager that the organization has once given up on before and ultimately gave him the benefit of the doubt. Well, after last year's disaster of a season, there's very little Gibbons can do to change the minds of Blue Jays fans in regards to how they perceive him and how much they think he can improve. To me, Gibbons doesn't even want to improve. His general laziness and lack of accountability for last season proves that he should have been let go back in October. Here are five reasons why Gibbons should have been fired before the 2014 season.

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5. Umps Don't Give Him The Time Of Day

John Gibbons
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Gibbons was tossed out of five games in 2013, and it seemed as though every conversation he had with any umpire was very short-lived. Whether it was because the umps couldn't make out what he was saying whether he was talking or screaming, or the fact that they know he is a joke of a bench boss, Gibbons clearly isn't respected by those that convene each game. With a relationship such as this, the Jays will never see calls go their way as long as they have Gibbons manning their dugout.

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4. He Promotes A Lazy Dugout

John Gibbons
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Have you ever seen Gibbons stand up in the dugout or perhaps even remove his hand from the front of his pants while he is managing in the dugout? Great, neither have I. This is exactly why the Blue Jays dugout looks extremely lazy on a regular basis and why Munenori Kawasaki feels free to give back rubs to everyone he comes across on the bench. The dugout is a place where teammates can come together and hype each other up for the next time they take the field or discuss strategies for someone's next at-bat. Instead, Gibbons promotes a style of laziness that can only be rivaled by Al Bundy of Married With Children.

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3. His Questionable Calls

John Gibbons
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In 2013, it seemed as though every call Gibbons made ended up backfiring on him, especially when those decisions involved pitching changes. Now that their starting rotation seems rather thin, the Blue Jays will have to find a way to minimize the number of decisions that Gibbons has to make. Unless the pitching rotation can surprise everyone and eat up a lot of innings, the Jays will continue to hurt themselves by allowing Gibbons to waddle out to the mound and making poorly thought-out decisions.

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2. He's Constantly Out-Managed In The AL East

John Gibbons
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When looking at the rest of the managers across the very competitive AL East, the stage is set with an unreal amount of baseball knowledge and love for the game. The talent level takes an enormous dip when Gibbons is brought into the discussion as he doesn't stand a chance to out-manage any of his counterparts in the AL East on any given day. Buck Schowalter, Joe Girardi, Joe Maddon and John Farrell could all manage against the Blue Jays from the comfort of their own home, and they would still find themselves making more of an impact on their team than Gibbons would for the Jays.

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1. He Has Already Been Let Go By Toronto Before

John Gibbons
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The last time I checked, not too many people get their jobs back after being let go for doing a terrible job the first time around. Well, leave it up to Anthopoulos to bring in his good buddy Gibbons and ultimately ruin what was supposed to be a highly competitive team and the new beast of the AL East.

Before Gibbons was let go in 2008, he was at least somewhat of a fiery manager in regards to how he handled players. In 2013, he was as useless as a bump on a log, never leaving his post on the right side of the dugout and very rarely confronting any player or coach after a big play, or even a poor play for that matter.