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6 Hilarious Players The New York Mets Should Sign

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New York Mets: 6 Hilarious Players The Team Should Sign

Brandon Inge
Tom Szczerbowski - USA Today

The New York Mets' season doesn't seem to bright. With Matt Harvey gone and a rather weak lineup, the Mets will be low in the standings again. For the fans, this has to be agonizing. They deserve some kind of relief, a comic relief.

The crazy (and maybe the best) thing about baseball is how a player's career can be lost so quickly. But yet, while that career seems over, they still flash that ability that made them so great. These types of players are hilarious to watch.

Another type of player that's amusing to watch are those who were always so bad, but somehow figured things out. They don't seem to do anything different, they're just good now.

I have a weird sense of humor about baseball. It's possible this sense of humor is much more common than I thought. To prepare you for this list of who the Mets should sign for comedic purposes, let me take you into my head (relax, it's not that scary).

One of my favorite players in baseball to watch is Josh Hamilton. Why? Because he is the definition of hilarious. There are times he is the best player on the planet, he's a former MVP. But what's great is how great he is at being bad. Hamilton can look so awful at the plate, swinging and missing on three straight pitches or just watching all three go right by him. What makes him great at being bad, and therefore hilarious, is this can last for months.

The opposite of Hamilton would be that guy who was never good, but suddenly was great. How? No one knows, it doesn't make sense. They most likely had teammates prank them and put a picture of Greg Maddux or Mickey Mantle on their mirror. Somehow, they fell for this prank, because they are them. And now, all you can do is sit back and wait for them to look in the mirror again. Fernando Rodney would be an example of this.

I hope this clears up what I deem hilarious. I want to point out a few guys who I wanted to put on this list, but decided against it, for one reason or another -- Joba Chamberlain, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Ubaldo Jimenez, Jake Westbrook and Travis Hafner.

Without further ado, here are six hilarious players the Mets should sign.

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6. Kyle Farnsworth

Frank Victeries - USA Today

After enjoying his 2011 as the Tampa Bay Rays closer, Kyle Farnsworth returned to form with a four-plus era. As a New York Yankees fan, there was nothing I found more hilariously-painstaking than Farnsworth here giving up a home run and being completely clueless of his awfulness. He was Joba Chamberlain until Chamberlain showed up. Classic mirror prank here, but in this case, he saw former teammate Craig Kimbrel.

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5. Vernon Wells


You know what Vernon Wells thought to himself after signing that massive contract in Toronto? "How bad can I be?" (Vernon Wells did not really say this, not to my knowledge at least.) Congrats, Vernon, you have done a fantastic job at being awful. Though that contract is enough to make him hilarious, it's even better when he, for some reason, gets hot. Wells batted .300 in the month of April for the New York Yankees. You know, every once in a while, he wants to make the Los Angeles Angels and the Toronto Blue Jays do a face palm.

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4. Barry Zito

Christopher Hanewinikel - USA Today

Barry Zito's contract alone makes him funny to watch, but what makes him great is that he really is bad, but isn't that bad (does that make sense?). His hilariousness shows up when he, for some odd reason, is unhittable, which happens more than you might think. His curveball seems to drop 10 feet and he spots his slowball and fastball with deadly accuracy. He leaves fans and opposing teams scratching their heads, and neither can help but laugh when it's over.

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3. Oliver Perez

Rick Osentoski - USA Today

Oliver Perez somehow turned himself into a decent reliever. Don't worry, Mets fans, if you bring him back, you will get to witness his downfall again. It'd be hilarious. It'd be like if the New York Yankees decided to bring Chamberlain back in two years.

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2. Jason Bay

Steven Bisig - USA Today

Trust me, if the Mets brought him back, Jason Bay would bring Mets fans some weird, twisted happiness. You'd love watching him look clueless, just like he is in that picture. Just imagine him saying, "I made that contact?"

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1. Carlos Marmol

Chris Humphreys - USA Today

Even Carlos Marmol doesn't know how he was the closer for the Chicago Cubs for so long.