Ruben Tejada Deserves Another Shot Starting For New York Mets

By David Miller
Ruben Tejada
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Who among us, the fallen human race has not gone through a period of downward luck at one time or another? For Major League Baseball players a run of bad luck that last for a season can get people thinking you are not nearly worth what everyone once thought you were. That is the case with New York Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada who had fairly nasty 2013 season. It was bad enough that many fans and some insiders figured the Mets would be searching high and dry to find a replacement for him as starting shortstop this offseason.

While the Mets certainly have some money that they could spend on a shortstop even after signing Curtis Granderson, they still have not made a move to go after a top free agent shortstop. They didn’t go for Jhonny Peralta that hard and they aren’t currently appearing to go for Stephen Drew either. Some might wonder what in the world the Mets are thinking. I think I understand exactly what they are thinking.

First of all Tejada wasn’t bad every season of his career from the start until now. The two middle seasons were pretty good and certainly looked to show promise. He has currently had one bad year in a row and will be a tender 24 years old during the coming season. How about we give the kid a chance to bounce back? Such things have been known to happen. What if he doesn’t though?

Okay, sure he might stink it up again this season. Under that possibility however there are other things that the Mets could easily be seeing. Nothing against Stephen Drew but have you seen the list of 2015 free agent shortstops? It includes names such as J.J. Hardy, Jed Lowrie and Hanley Ramirez, all of whom will be considered firmly on the trading block for the upcoming season as well. I don’t know but I think the Mets are willing to give Tejada the second chance he deserves while biding their time for the upcoming crop of free agents.

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