What Does Ronny Cedeno Signing Mean For Freddy Galvis?

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies have not made many moves yet this offseason. The moves that they had made have been questionable. The team has been signing veteran players which does not make sense as they already have a veteran filled team. The most recent player signed is infielder Ronny Cedeno. What does this mean for Freddy Galvis?

Galvis has been the main backup for Jimmy Rollins. Cedeno is also a shortstop. The team doesn’t need to take up the bench with two backup shortstops. Galvis has also filled in for Chase Utley. His knees could give in again and they may need Galvis at second base. You never know what the season is going to bring.

Cedeno has been with many different clubs. Last season he played for the Houston Astros and San Diego Padres. With those teams combined he had an average of .242. He had 21 RBI and three home runs. Cedeno didn’t play much better than Galvis. He may have more experience, but Galvis may be quicker on his feet.

Galvis is a growing player and deserves to play. Last season he only played in 70 games. He had an average of .234. Galvis only hit 19 RBI, but I think that is because he didn’t see many pitches. Out of those 19 RBI nine were extra base hits. He did also hit six home runs. Galvis may have power and it’s a shame it is not being used. He just turned 24 years old. He has plenty of years left to show his talent. The Phillies just have to give him a chance.

Both players will have the chance to show what they have in spring training. One will most likely make the bench as a utility player while the other will go to the minors. Hopefully Galvis will get his chance to shine permanently soon.

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