Alex Rodriguez Has No Teammates Left After Attempted Expulsion From MLBPA

By James O'Hare
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The saga continues.

In response to Alex Rodriguez’s lawsuit against the MLB Players Association, several Big Leaguers attempted to have Rodriguez kicked out of their union. They were informed by lawyers such action is not possible, however.

Though the attempted banishment was futile, this isn’t a good sign for A-Rod’s chances of returning to baseball in 2015. There were already questions as to whether Rodriguez could perform at a Major League level after sitting out a year, but even if he still has the ability, any attempt at a comeback will be futile if his would-be teammates don’t want him around.

Rodriguez has already faced chastisement from his fellow players as a result of this scandal. Ryan Dempster, for instance, repeatedly threw at Rodriguez after his appeal of a 211-game suspension permitted him to continue playing. Fans cheered. Though some players didn’t necessarily agree with Dempster’s actions they supported the message behind it: Rodriguez should not be allowed to play in Major League Baseball.

Still, most others supported A-Rod’s right to an appeals process. In an ESPN poll published last August, 83.3 percent of the players they interviewed believed Rodriguez should have been allowed to play during his appeals process.

That support was manifested in the Players Association’s defense of Rodriguez after his initial suspension. Now that Rodriguez has turned his back on the union, the players have reciprocated the sentiment towards the former superstar.

Rodriguez is owed $61 million from 2015-2017. With declining production and a perpetual sideshow, the best option for the New York Yankees might be to buy him out.

The actions of forty players do not necessarily reflect the desires of the entire league, but it is disheartening for A-Rod nonetheless. After a slew of accusations and betrayal, Rodriguez is murdering Bud Selig (or being murdered by Selig) shy of becoming a character worthy of Game of Thrones.

This saga may have some more twists and turns, and Rodriguez may be on a Major League roster again someday. But he won’t truly have teammates.

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