Major League Baseball Players Association Justified For Wanting Alex Rodriguez Out

By Thomas Butto
Alex Rodriguez
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

He has lied on numerous occasions, he has tainted all baseball players and has done his best to corrupt the game of baseball — which is impressive considering what the Steroid Era did to pollute America’s Pastime and permanently alter people’s thinking when they look at statistics when a player has a great season. Yet, after all of that, the Players Association still stuck with Alex Rodriguez. However, that changed once A-Rod sued the Players Association and somehow found a way to shoot himself in the foot yet again in a way only A-Rod can manage to do.

A-Rod basically burned his last and most important bridge. This was an extremely misguided move. A-Rod sued the MLBPA because the union  “completely abdicated its responsibility to Mr. Rodriguez,” according to a Yahoo! Sports report, when this could not be any further from the truth. The MLBPA as well as individual players allowed Rodriguez to fight his suspension as aggressively as he saw fit, which is all they could really do in that situation. What else were they exactly supposed to do? Testify for A-Rod? There is no way the late MLBPA executive director Michael Weiner or anyone else in the MLBPA could do anything else to help A-Rod.
Basically, the MLBPA and the players want Rodriguez out of the union, and they can’t be blamed. A-Rod has not taken responsibility for what he has done like every other player who got busted and got suspended, and he is trying to bring everyone else down with him as his career comes to an end. It is another sad, pathetic chapter in the crumbling career of Alex Rodriguez.

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