Baltimore Orioles Rumors: Can They Have Problems with Tyler Colvin as Well?

By David Miller
Tyler Colvin
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The situation between the Baltimore Orioles and Grant Balfour after they agreed to terms was a bit unsettling. Their doctors found problems with his physical that other teams’ doctors just didn’t find. Sure, there is room in the medical field for differences in opinion and I don’t doubt the validity of that fact. All the same, when the Orioles agreed to terms with Tyler Colvin and now several days later find problems with his physical as well it leads to questions.

For starters it seemed like the Balfour deal was good but maybe the Orioles didn’t think so after they thought about it. Now as many believe they need to go out and sign another closer because that deal fell through, there are reports that they will fill the closer role in house. Switching over to the Colvin deal, it was supposedly a guaranteed MLB deal. That is puzzling for a guy with two of his four seasons being way down in production.

He came in around 20 homers and a decent number of RBI for the good seasons but really slumped in the other two. Considering the O’s can’t say for sure what they are getting in Colvin, a guaranteed MLB contract seems a bit much if in fact that is what it was. I hate to suggest this but if they find issues enough to back out of the Colvin deal as well, do we start wondering if they are using the physical as a back door to get out of a deal they decide they don’t like?

After all they did just agree to terms with Delmon Young who is a player of similar make-up to Colvin with more experience in the big leagues. They might well stick with the Colvin deal and if they do the question becomes quickly mute. If they back out again for physical reasons do we start to question what they are really doing over there? What are your thoughts?

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