Milwaukee Brewers Rumors: Matt Garza Has Issues With Physical?

By Connor Muldowney
Matt Garza
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It was reported earlier in the day that Matt Garza and the Milwaukee Brewers had agreed upon a four-year, $52 million deal that would make the pitcher one of the highest paid players on the roster. It seemed like Garza was benefitting from the Masahiro Tanaka deal with the New York Yankees. However, reports have surfaced that the Brewers are denying that a contract has been agreed upon.

So, if Garza and the Brewers haven’t reached a deal yet, what’s the hold up? Rumors are circulating that it could be a failed physical on Garza’s end of things because of elbow problems that he has suffered in the past. No one but Garza and the Brewers know for sure what is holding up this deal, but it can be noted that both teams need this deal desperately.

The Brewers were one of the worst teams in baseball this season and they needed an upgrade in nearly every aspect of the game and Garza was set to provide that on the pitching staff.

On the other side of things, Garza is an aging veteran pitcher who has never had an ERA under 3.00 and has a potential elbow injury. He was hoping to use the Tanaka deal to boost his contract and the one that was reportedly agreed upon earlier in the day could not have been more appealing to the starter.

It will be interesting to see if a physical was actually failed by the 30-year-old pitcher.

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