Nelson Cruz Not A Fit For Detroit Tigers

By Brent Smith
Kevin Jairaj- USA TODAY Sports

Rumors have swirled this week that the Detroit Tigers are the team that Nelson Cruz is most likely to land with. Why would a guy whose eye twitches when he sees Andy Dirks as the starting left fielder be opposed to adding a power hitting veteran bat? Because the Nelson Cruz that you see on the back of a baseball card was all a lie. Is Nelson Cruz still using steroids? If he isn’t, then what can the Tigers realistically expect from a guy who is 33 and in a ballpark that is extremely hard to hit in? If he is, then was that whole time with Jhonny Peralta completely forgotten and the media circus that came with it completely acceptable?

The Tigers need to pass on Nelson Cruz because the odds that Nelson Cruz is Nelson Cruz are extremely tiny and in the off chance that he is that, it also means the cheating, embarrassment to the game Nelson Cruz is back. If the Tigers want to disassociate themselves from the cheaters and make themselves an organization that does things the right way, then it has no choice but to look elsewhere. It should be even easier to look elsewhere when you consider that even if steroids were out of the equation, Cruz is bound to decline and his price is too much for someone who is a 50/50 proposition at best.

I may not be happy with Andy Dirks as the starting left fielder, but at least I know that Dirks will not cheat himself or the organization by taking steroids. I also know that Dirks is not in the downward slope of his career and is used to the giant ballpark the Tigers call home. I may be frustrated every time he swings and misses, but I will not be frustrated that the Tigers are cheating to get what they want and that is how the game should be played.

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