The 10 Best Reasons to Hate the Los Angeles Dodgers

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10 Legitimate Reasons to Hate the Dodgers

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have always been a relatively hated team, but the club’s recent resurgence has rekindled the loathing that lay dormant in the hearts of MLB fans. Now that the Boys in Blue are throwing around money for great players and winning ball games, fans of other teams have started guzzling the “Haterade” with funny videos and pictures all over the internet. The amount of comments with hateful words about the team is astounding.

As a sports fan, I have no problem with fans of other teams making fun of and bashing on the teams I support, but the thing I hate the most is uninformed, unintelligent people making dumb statements. If you are going to hate on a team, please know the facts and know what you are talking about.

In the case of the Dodgers, it is easy to criticize their payroll, their controversial players and the organization’s ownership. The club has certainly made some interesting and hate-worthy decisions, not only in the recent past, but also over the course of its history. It is indeed fair for fans of other teams to look at some of these actions and be turned off by the Dodgers.

I have broken down the ten best reasons for you to hate the Dodgers and hope that you will be better informed about why someone might hate the club. Never just hate a team for the sake of hating them; doing so makes you ignorant. Not even using the reasoning of “they are in the same division as my favorite team” is a good enough excuse to dislike a team. The next time you go to bash on the Dodgers, make sure you remember these reasons why they make you angry. To start the slideshow, click the "Next" button above.

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1. Yasiel Puig

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I started with the easy one here. Yasiel Puig has been an easy target for hatred since the day the Dodgers paid him $42 million with little to go on in terms of past performance. Then, he shows up and takes MLB by storm. With his flashy plays, cocky demeanor and controversial off-the-field actions, there is no shortage on reasons to bash Puig. Just in case all of that is not enough, don’t forget his stats: .319 batting average, .391 on-base percentage, 19 home runs, 11 stolen bases, eight outfield assists and a 5.0 WAR.

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2. Ability to Acquire Great Talent

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Puig is just one recent example of the Dodgers’ ability to acquire talented ball players. Over the years, the team has brought in and cultivated up some of the game’s greatest players. With 10 former players in the Hall of Fame like Sandy Koufax, Duke Snider and Don Drysdale, the organization had a great foundation of talented players. In the mean time, guys like Orel Hershiser, Fernando Valenzuela, Mike Piazza, Hideo Nomo, Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw have funneled into Dodger Stadium to keep the legacy of Dodger talent going. You are welcome to hate the Dodgers for being able to get such great players.

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3. The Guggenheim Group

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One of the most common complaints I hear about the Dodgers is their new and extravagant ownership. The thing that irks me the most about this topic is when people talk about all of the money the owners have spent and say something along the lines of, “The Dodgers have Magic Johnson to buy anything or anyone they want.” Get your facts straight, people!

When the McCourt family finally sold the team, the Guggenheim Group, a team of people led by Stan Kasten and Mark Walter, were the main contributors to the $2 billion tab. Magic contributed about $50 million, approximately 4%. Having Magic as the face of the organization is nice as he already has the celebrity presence that works well for connecting with the media, but the truth of the matter is that he really is just a figurehead. If you are going to hate the Dodgers because of their ownership, that is fine, but remember that Magic is really just the big smiling guy, not the decision maker.

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4. Your Favorite Team Isn’t As Good

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If you are a fan of a team other than the Dodgers, chances are your team is just not as good as the Boys in Blue. Jealousy is a dangerous thing, but it is pretty understandable to hate on the Dodgers for this reason, especially if you have to root for teams like the Houston Astros.

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5. Historical Success

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As six-time World Series champions, the Dodgers are not only a good ball club in the present, but have been great in the past as well. For the clubs who have never won a World Series or those who have won very few, this is a legitimate reason to feel like the Dodgers stand to take some heat. Nevertheless, you must remember that the Dodgers have not won a World Series since 1988. All of this kind of hatred should still be channeled to the likes of the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

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6. Frivolous Spending

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Spending $42 million on Puig was not even the beginning of the Dodgers’ spending ways. After the McCourt divorce could no longer hold the payroll back, the Dodgers went after huge contracts with Zack Greinke, Adrian Gonzalez, Andre Ethier and more recently, Clayton Kershaw’s $215 million. But the recent spending does not just stop with payroll; now Dodger Stadium is getting fixed up and modernized. The club is finally stepping into the 21st century in terms of personnel and facilities.

You are welcome to hate all you want in this area, but remember that Frank McCourt held the Dodgers back financially for years. A shopping spree was a long time in the making. Further, the club reportedly only offered Masahiro Tanaka around $100 million because they were concerned about getting too heavily invested without enough guarantee. The team’s front office knows what they are doing and are thinking about the future as well as the present.

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7. Celebrating With Style

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Puig has been known to irk baseball fans by doing a bat flip on anything from a walk-off home run to a pop up. The real stir came when the Dodgers clinched the 2013 NL West Division while their visiting division rivals, the Arizona Diamondbacks. In anticipation of the likely situation, the Diamondbacks had told the Dodgers they were welcome to celebrate upon clinching, but asked them to not come back out onto the field to continue celebrating after they went into the clubhouse.

Well, that did not exactly work out as you can see by the picture above in which the Dodgers had a pool party in the outfield. Many fans, not just of Arizona, were enraged by this. Although it was not as big of a deal as some people took it to be, it was indeed disrespectful of the Dodgers who ought to have stayed in the clubhouse. Anger about this situation is justified, but you will have to let it go eventually because it really was not a huge deal.

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8. Lazy Fans

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Dodgers fans are habitually bashed for showing up in the fourth inning and leaving in the seventh. While there is some validity to this complaint as fans will often leave way too early, you have to cut them some slack. Have you ever tried driving in LA traffic? It can easily take you an hour to get home from work, even if you only live 10 miles away. Dodger Stadium is up on a hill and has very poor access to the freeway. I have personally waited in the stadium parking lot for an hour and a half, just waiting for the line to get out of the parking lot to thin out a little. Don’t blame the fans as much as the 405 freeway and I-5.

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9. Stealing Clayton Kershaw’s Services

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As mentioned before, the Dodgers just inked their ace, Clayton Kershaw, to a seven-year, $215 million dollar contract. While some critics will argue he got overpaid, they are wrong. In fact, you could make an argument that the lefty got underpaid. Rumors were swirling that Kershaw might get somewhere around $300 million for ten years. General Manager Ned Colletti managed to nab Kershaw at the going rate without having to sign him for a lifetime. With his 25-year-old cannon wrapped up for the next seven years, the Dodgers are in great shape. You have a right to be mad about how good of a deal they got with Kershaw.

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10. Vin Scully Doesn’t Call Your Team’s Games

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Vin Scully is the man, the “Golden Voice”, the legend. Getting to hear his voice on the TV and radio is a privilege and I would completely understand if you were jealous that he does not announce your team’s games. From clever catch phrases to delightful stories almost as old as the game itself, this 86-year-old wonder never disappoints. Even though his memory falters at times and he will occasionally call a player by the wrong name, Scully’s voice and anecdotes lull Dodgers fans into a state of baseball bliss.

That does it for my list of the 10 best reasons to hate the Dodgers. Feel free to comment with which you think is the best reason or add any others.

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  • Fernando Zepeda

    Don’t forget the huge cable deal that will pay the Dodgers oh so soo much.

  • CoastW

    Sounds more like “10 Great Reasons To Be A Dodger Fan”.

    • Isaac Comelli

      I suppose that would be a viable alternative title.

  • Farva55

    You hate the Dodgers bc of their historical success? Hilarious.

    • Isaac Comelli

      I don’t hate the Dodgers at all. But, for those who do, that would be a legitimate reason to hate them.

  • Herb Merriweather

    …I don’t hate the Dodgers at all. I’m too busy cheering for the National Leagues BEST team–the St. Louis Cardinals (although I DO listen to Vin when they play each other)…