Chicago White Sox Right to Extend Manager Robin Ventura

By David Miller
Robin Ventura
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The 2012 MLB season was the first chance that Robin Ventura had to be a manager in the major leagues. If immediate results are to count for something, the result was extremely promising. As they looked forward to their follow-up season in 2013 however, the Chicago White Sox could not have known how badly they would play for the majority of the season. Any time there is a quick turnaround for a team like that, the manager tends to catch all of the blame for the bad year and none of the credit for the good year.

Luckily for Ventura the White Sox are not apparently that kind of team. They signed Ventura to a contract extension that will take him through multiple seasons. Though nothing is exactly guaranteed for a manager like it is for the players, it is still refreshing to see a team stick by their choice for manager after a bad season. Many teams would have found it extremely easy to can Ventura after the 2013 season or at the very least not give him a new contract.

The White Sox clearly decided that they are getting younger and plan to get better and want Ventura to be the one that leads the team through the change. Considering the good things that seem to be happening in Chicago, I would be shocked if Ventura and his team had anything but a much better season in 2014. Hopefully when they do, at least some of the credit will rest with the third-year manager.

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