Who Will Start For the Philadelphia Phillies On Opening Day?

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Catchers and pitchers will report to spring training in just a couple of weeks. Then the talk will start about who will start for whom on opening day. The Philadelphia Phillies have two options. They can go with either Cole Hamels or Cliff Lee. Who should get the honor?

Hamels got the honor last season as he was supposed to be the Phillies’ ace. He did not live up to the expectation. He lost the game to Atlanta Braves. In that game he gave up five runs and only lasted five innings. The game was a preview of what kind of season Hamels would have.

Hamels finished the season with a record of 8-14. He is usually on the winning side. His ERA was 3.60, which is also a high for Hamels. He shouldn’t be blamed for his whole season. Some of his losses were due to the fact that his teammates were unable to provide offense.

The Phillies should consider giving Hamels another chance at being the opening day starter. He has proved to be an ace. If he does not get the starting role he will certainly be second in the rotation. Either way I sense a good year for Hamels.

Lee was the Phillies’ ace last season. The team could always count on him every fifth day. He may be more deserving to be the opening day starter.

Lee finished the season with a 14-8 record. He had an ERA of 2.87. He had 222 strikeouts, which was fifth highest in all of Major League Baseball. Lee also threw two complete games this season, one being a shutout.

Lee has shown his dedication to the team. He came to play every day and never gave up even when the team was at its worst. Lee helped them win. He was an All-star and deserves to be the Phillies’ opening day starter.

The Phillies have a tough decision to make. Hamels and Lee are both incredible pitchers. The Phillies are lucky to have them on their side and not have to face them. Whoever is on the mound come April 1 will be a good choice.

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