Where Will Darin Ruf Land For The Philadelphia Phillies?

By Rebekah Milsted
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies have been on the quiet side this offseason, and the moves they have made have been questionable at best. The team has signed a few players who can play the outfield or be a pinch hitter, and that was Darin Ruf‘s role last season. Where will he land come April?

Ruf joined the team in the beginning July, and he switched between left field, right field and first base. He filled in mostly for Ryan Howard at first base, but outfield was a close second. With Howard being healthy this season and the outfield set, is Ruf going to stay in the Majors? I believe he should.

Ben Revere is coming back from injury, and Marlon Byrd is aging. Ruf can fill in if Byrd needs a break or Revere’s ankle is bothering him. Howard is also coming back from knee surgery, and he certainly will not be playing all 162 games. The Phillies will need a backup, and Ruf has proven capable.

Last season Ruf played in just 73 games where he managed an average of .247 with 30 RBI and 14 home runs. He provided great offense, and he also could draw a walk as he had 33. Why would the Phillies want to send him down to the minors?

Ruf is 27-years-old, and he has already proven he can handle the Majors. He has a better bat than other utility players on the team. Manager Ryne Sandberg just has to let Ruf use his talent once in a while.

The Phillies are lucky to have Ruf as part of their organization. He is a player who has offense ability and can fill in multiple positions. Hopefully the Phillies realize this and keep him on the roster for 2014.

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