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5 Reasons Why the Yankees Won’t Miss Curtis Granderson

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The New York Yankees Will Not Miss Curtis Granderson

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Curtis Granderson spent four seasons roaming the outfield for the New York Yankees and abusing the short porch in right field with his quick and compact lefty power stroke. Granderson is not only a good ball player, but he is an awesome person. Curtis has traveled to many different countries as the US Ambassador for baseball. For Curtis, his new job won’t require him to travel very far at all. He’ll just be changing boroughs, colors, and leagues, signing a $60 million deal with the Mets. He is now part of a rebuilding process with the Mets, instead of contending for a title. Curtis goes from a hitters ballpark in the Bronx, to a pitchers ballpark in Queens. He switches from a franchise known for its winning tradition, to a franchise that hasn’t won in 18 years.

Possibly upset that the Yankees didn’t offer him an extension, Granderson took a parting shot at the Yankees. He told reporters (according to that, “I’ve heard true New Yorkers are Mets fans.” Even Met fans know this is untrue. Curtis will likely have a down year for the Mets as he has been unable to figure out his strikeout woes, and he hit most of his home runs into the short right porch at Yankee Stadium. Now, Curtis is playing at a ballpark that is not friendly to hitters that only hit for power and not average.

In my estimation, Curtis Granderson will seriously miss playing for the New York Yankees this season, but here are five reasons why he won’t be missed in the Bronx.

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Curtis Granderson strikes out a lot

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Granderson turns 33 next month and had many ups and downs as a part of the Yankees. From 2011 to 2012, no one in baseball hit more long balls than Curtis. He smacked 84 home runs and finished fourth in the MVP race in 2011. That’s the good--Curtis was very all or nothing for the Yankees. Including the postseason, the Yankees outfielder struck out a mind-boggling 577 times in his Yankee career. That’s an average of 144 Ks per year and no, that’s not a typo. In 2012, Curtis hit a career-high 43 home runs and drove in 106 runs. In that same season (including the postseason), Granderson was fanned a whopping 211 times!

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Curtis Granderson is below average in the field

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Curtis Granderson is a below average outfielder. For most of his career, his good speed has hid a lot of his inadequacies in the field as he has been in the top five for outfield errors FOUR TIMES in his career. Granderson shares something in common with past Yankee center fielders Johnny Damon and fan favorite Bernie Williams and by that I mean, he would have trouble breaking glass with his lack of arm strength.

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The signing of Jacoby Ellsbury

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Acquiring Jacoby Ellsbury quickly made Yankee fans forget about losing Granderson. Ellsbury is an accomplished leadoff hitter and is one of the fastest base runners in the game. Ellsbury is a former Gold Glove center fielder and will replace the aforementioned poor defensive outfielder Curtis Granderson. Ellsbury also has the luxury of being three years younger than Curtis, and in his seven-year career, he’s averaged about 59 strikeouts a year. Ellsbury is younger, faster, a better outfielder and a better player. He’s a two-time champion as well, while Grandy has zero rings. He’s one reason the Yankees won’t miss Curtis Granderson.

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The signing of Carlos Beltran

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The addition of Carlos Beltran was huge for the Yankees. Beltran is a professional hitter who will fit perfectly in the Yankees’ three hole this season. He is one of the greatest post season hitters of all time, which is perfect for a team that has aspirations of contending for a title. He’s also a switch hitter, while Granderson struggled mightily against lefties in his career. No problem for Carlos, he’s a career .281 hitter against left handed pitchers, and he bats .289 against righties. So basically, he’s just an extremely tough out for anyone. Carlos Beltran and his switch hitting abilities is a big reason that the Yankees will not miss Curtis Granderson.

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The New York Yankees have outfield depth

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The Yankees have a ton of outfield depth. With the additions of Beltran and Ellsbury, the Yankees have added to an outfield that already encompasses the speedy Brett Gardner, the 10-time Gold Glove winner Ichiro Suzuki and the power hitting left fielder Alfonso Soriano. All of these guys can hit for average, run and defend. Ellsbury and Gardner could play any of the three outfield positions, Ichiro and his rocket arm will spend most of the time in right and Soriano and Beltran will play both the corner outfield positions. The Yankees are stacked with solid outfielders, and if Ichiro, Ellsbury and Gardner are roaming the outfield at Yankee Stadium, expect the ball to have trouble finding the grass. Those guys will track it down. This plethora of outfielders is just another reason the Yankees will not miss Curtis Granderson.