Jimmy Rollins Has To Step Up This Season For Philadelphia Phillies

By Rebekah Milsted
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Spring training is just a few weeks away, and soon the Philadelphia Phillies will be figuring out who will make the Major League roster and who will head back down to the minors. They will also be figuring out how they can be the best team in the National League East, and one way is if the veteran players step up. Jimmy Rollins is a prime example.

Rollins has been on the Phillies since 2000. He is the true veteran on the team and has become a real leader, but last season Rollins did not live up to his role. He had an average of .252 in 2013 while in seasons past it has gotten above .260. He had a career-low season of home runs with just six and runs scored with just 65. Every player is entitled to a bad season, but Rollins sets an example.

The Phillies failed to make the playoffs for the second season in a row and finished the year with a losing record. I’m not saying to put all the blame on Rollins, but when one player is not playing well it does take a toll on the rest of the team.

Rollins has to step up and get his teammates excited for this season. He could repeat what he did in 2007 and claim the Phillies are the team to beat or just keep motivating them in the clubhouse.

Rollins also has to work on himself. His hitting has to improve this season. I believe with the return of Larry Bowa as a bench coach this has a high chance of happening. Rollins has never been one to let his team down, and he will keep working until he figures out how to improve.

Rollins is highly respected in the clubhouse, and if he steps up everyone will follow.

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