Detroit Tigers' World Series Clock Is Ticking

By Brent Smith
Denny Medley- USA TODAY Sports

You know that pressure you start feeling as you get older that you need to finally breakthrough and do something with your life instead of eat Hot Pockets alone in your parent’s basement? The Detroit Tigers as an organization are experiencing that phase right now — although hopefully minus the frozen foods. The Tigers have been about as close as you can be to the ultimate success of winning a World Series, but each year they fall short. And now as their superstars start hitting their 30s without much of a farm system it is clear that 2014 really has to be the Tigers’ season.

Each playoff loss has been heartbreaking and has left Tigers fans with that thought that they may not get back, but those are usually put away with big signings and big trades. This season the Tigers are solely depending on the roster they’ve had, and that can be terrifying because all it takes is an injury or a sudden decline out of guys you would never expect like a Justin Verlander or Miguel Cabrera to completely derail a season. The Tigers don’t have time for a season that brings anything less than a World Series Championship.

Through all the concern Tigers fans should learn to appreciate what they have right now, because in five years we may all not be so lucky. Appreciate the chance to see superstar players in a Detroit uniform while you can and remember that this is probably as good as it will get in the next decade. It sure would be nice if the Tigers could finally seal the deal and give every Tigers fan that championship which has evaded them at every possible turn.

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