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5 New York Mets Storylines To Follow During Spring Training

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5 Mets Storylines To Follow During Spring Training

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The New York Mets’ 2014 season is looking a bit brighter than it did at the end of the 2013 season. New York is coming off of a third-place finish in the NL East with a 74-88 record. It was not the season the team had hoped for and with the loss of Matt Harvey already for the season, it puts another dent in their hopes.

However, the front office did go out in the offseason and spent a little bit of money by bringing in Chris Young, Curtis Granderson and Bartolo Colon. The Mets will also have Zack Wheeler to start the season as it will be up to him to realize his potential to help the rotation out even more.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding this Mets team. Both the offense and pitching will have to step up immensely for them to knock the Atlanta Braves out of the top of the NL East. New York needs David Wright more than ever. Wright and his new teammate Granderson will be very important, putting more pressure on the Mets to perform than there has been in awhile. New York is finally relevant again. Combined with some steady pitching from Colon, Jon Niese and Dillon Gee and the Mets will find itself in the thick of things.

However, there are still things that fans have to pay attention to as the start of Spring Training begins in a matter of days.

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5. Matt Harvey's Progress

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Can Matt Harvey return to the rotation at the end of the season? Probably not. However, watching his progress will be very important to his status in 2015. New York has to exercise patience when it comes to his rehab. Rush things will be detrimental for the rest of his career.

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4. How Will Curtis Granderson Fit In?

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New York's biggest offseason acquisition was the signing of Curtis Granderson. Coming off an injury-riddled 2013, Granderson is expected to provide a powerful punch behind David Wright. However, with the spacious Citi Field being his home park, he will need to become a run producer rather than a long-ball threat.

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3. Can Bobby Parnell Return In Time?

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Bobby Parnell is expected to be back by the start of the season to assume the Mets' closer role. He will get reps in spring as he works his way back to the bullpen. He has no one to compete with for the closer job. It is his to lose.

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2. Ike Davis' Status

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The Mets tried very hard to trade first baseman Ike Davis in the offseason, but could not find any suitors. It makes you wonder how much time he has left in a Mets uniform. Davis will need to have a quick bounce-back in 2014 or he will be playing in a new ballpark at the end of the year.

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1. Bartolo Colon's Effectiveness

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Bartolo Colon is entering his 17th season in the majors and his first with the Mets. The concern is whether or not he can still be effective. With his age, his velocity is expected to decrease and it would not be surprising if Colon takes a dramatic step back in 2014.