Predicting the Entire 2014 MLB Season

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Predicting the Entire 2014 MLB Season

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Who in the wide world of sports doesn’t love a good prediction? Maybe it’s because the Spring Training season opens everything up in an awesome and wide way butMajor League Baseball is one of the most fun sports to look at predictions on. When it comes to predictions for the 2014 MLB season, this is the absolute mother-load.

How will the American League East shake out with the various changes during the offseason? Will your favorite team finally break through into the postseason? What will happen with the MVP awards? Will the most deserving player finally win the award instead of coming in second or third by a few votes? All of that is predicted right here and right now.

How about predicting every single major happening in the MLB season and postseason in addition to the awards? That is exactly what you have run across. We are talking division winners, best record, playoff brackets and winners as well as the eventual World Series winner. Let’s go ahead and take a shot at the series MVP for each playoff series as well.

Clearly there is a ton of room for debate in something as huge as the MLB season. Please feel free to let your voice be heard in the comments below. Even take a shot at predicting some of the seasonal outcomes yourself. This should be about as much fun as it sounds like; times two. Without any further delay, here are the predictions for the entire MLB season.

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National League East Division Standings for 2014

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Washington Nationals – N.L. Best Record

Atlanta Braves

Miami Marlins

New York Mets

Philadelphia Phillies

This will be a close one but the addition of Fister as well as the continued brilliance of their returning starters will put the Nats over the top. The Braves will still have a great season but fall just short of the best record in the NL. Look for the Marlins to be one of the most improved teams in MLB as they will just edge the Mets for third place. The Phillies will fall a little further this year but fight hard for honor at the end and have something to say about the eventual winner of the division.

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National League Central Division Standings for 2014

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Pittsburgh Pirates

St. Louis Cardinals

Milwaukee Brewers

Cincinnati Reds

Chicago Cubs

The NL Central is going to be close like it was one year ago but this time they will all beat up on each other a little too much. While they both will fall short of the 2013 successes, the Pirates will just edge the Cardinals for the division win. The Brewers will impress for much of the year before faltering late. Cincinnati will be disappointed in their first year under a new manager and possibly give Dusty Baker a ton of credit for getting a lot out of the team in 2013. The Cubs will probably struggle again but look for some promising prospects to shine towards years’ end.

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National League West Division Standings for 2014

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Arizona Diamondbacks

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Francisco Giants

Colorado Rockies

San Diego Padres

Of all of the divisions in the NL, the West will be the most hotly contested among all of the teams. Around mid-August the Dodgers and DBacks will pull away and fight it out until the end of the season with the DBacks just edging the Dodgers in the season’s final week. The Giants will be in it for a while as they earn some respect back in a much better 2014 season and the Rockies will look impressive but injuries will slow them for one more year. San Diego will be disappointed in their Padres as they fall to the bottom of the division.

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National League Wild Card Standings for 2014

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Atlanta Braves

Los Angeles Dodgers

St. Louis Cardinals

San Francisco Giants

Miami Marlins

Because they will fall behind the Nats’ best record in the league, the Braves will win the first wildcard spot by a few spots. The big race will be between the Dodgers and Cardinals with the Giants making a late push. In the end the Dodgers will clinch it in the final days of the season but be disappointed because they wanted the division. After making the Series in 2013 the Cards will miss the playoffs by a hair. Surprising team of the year will be the Marlins who will stay mathematically in the race until the season’s final few weeks.

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American League East Division Standings for 2014

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Tampa Bay Rays

New York Yankees

Boston Red Sox

Toronto Blue Jays

Baltimore Orioles

This will be the most hotly contested division in the American League by far with all of the teams staying in the race for most of the year. The Orioles will fall out after a mid-season key injury slows them down offensively. While the Blue Jays will be better they still will fall short of what they want most. Disappointingly the Red Sox will be the latest team that misses the playoffs after winning the Series the previous season. Tampa Bay and the Yankees will fight it out until the season’s final day with the Rays winning. They will avoid another one-game playoff by the smallest possible margin.

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American League Central Division Standings for 2014

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Kansas City Royals

Detroit Tigers

Minnesota Twins

Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Indians

In the shocker of MLB the Royals will win the division in pull away fashion in the final few weeks of the season thanks to career years from Eric Hosmer and Alex Gordon. The Tigers will falter about mid-season for no apparent reason, leading some to incorrectly blame Brad Ausmus. The White Sox and Twins will both be much better this season with the Twins taking third by a few games. Most disappointingly the Indians will have the year in 2014 that they kind of expected in 2013.

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American League West Division Standings for 2014

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Texas Rangers

Los Angeles Angels

Oakland Athletics

Houston Astros

Seattle Mariners

In spite of the fears of many of their fans the Rangers will come through with an awesome season and clinch the best record in all of MLB and clinch in the first or second week of September. Behind them the Angels and A’s will fight it out like crazy for second place with the Angels winning late in the season’s final week. Though the Mariners added Cano and others, they will still struggle to put everything together and only get it figured out too late in the season. The happiest fourth place team in the game will be the Astros who will surpass the 70 win mark and finally shake the 100-loss bug.

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American League Wild Card Standings for 2014

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New York Yankees

Los Angeles Angels

Oakland Athletics

Detroit Tigers

Boston Red Sox

Thanks to a great September they achieved while fighting it out for the Rays, the Yankees will lose the division but easily win the top wildcard spot on the same day. Behind them the Angels and A’s will see their fight for second in the West become the race for the final playoff spot with the Angels taking it. The Tigers and Red Sox will be only mathematically in the race for the last few weeks and both will be extremely disappointed about their fall from 2013.

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National League Postseason Picture

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Wild Card Playoff: Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

NLDS-1: Braves or Dodgers vs. Washington Nationals

NLDS-2: Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

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American League Postseason Picture

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Wild Card Playoff: New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Angels

ALDS-1: Yankees or Angels vs. Texas Rangers

ALDS-2: Kansas City Royals vs. Tampa Bay Rays

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National League Wild Card Playoff Game

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Los Angeles Dodgers @ Atlanta Braves

Braves win 3 - 2 in 11 innings

In a dramatic rematch of the 2013 NLDS, the Braves will edge the Dodgers in just as dramatic of fashion as the Dodgers bested them in 2013. Clayton Kershaw will dominate for 8 innings but be pulled because of high pitch count for a pinch hitter. The lead for the Dodgers will be 2 – 0 before the Braves tie it dramatically with a 2-run ninth. From there the stalemate will continue until Jason Heyward wins it with a walk-off home run in the eleventh.

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National League Division Series – 1

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Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals

Atlanta Braves win series 3 games to 2

After a hard-fought seasonal match-up these two teams will fight it out for all five games in dramatic and energetic fashion. Benches will clear on two separate occasions as tempers flare. They will split the first two games in Washington and split games three and four in Atlanta before heading back to Washington for a deciding game 5.

For the second time in the series a game will go to extra innings as the two NL East rivals fight it out for 12 innings in game 5. Finally Justin Upton will cap off a great series with a two-run blast in the 12th before Kimbrel clinches it in the bottom half.

Series MVP: Justin Upton

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National League Division Series – 2

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Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Diamondbacks win series 3 games to 1

Though the Pirates will take game one behind a dominant Gerrit Cole, the Diamondbacks will take the next three games in a row for the win in four. Their revamped offense will be too much for the Pirates starters to overcome other than the first game. Cole will return on short rest for game 4 but the gamble will not pay off as the DBacks will take the game 4 – 1 with a late flurry of runs after Cole exits. Martin Prado will come out of nowhere to have an awesome series.

Series MVP: Martin Prado

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National League Championship Series

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Atlanta Braves vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Diamondbacks win series 4 games to 2

After a dramatic wild card game and a tooth and nail NLDS fight against the Nats, the Braves good fortune will run out in six games against the DBacks who will get a great performance by Paul Goldschmidt. After losing handily in game one the DBacks will bounce back to take the next two before losing game four to tie the series at 2.

The Braves good fortune in extra-innings postseason games will lead them to be heart-broken when they lose to the DBacks in 11 in the pivotal game 5. They will fall behind early in game six, fight back but fall short as the DBacks clinch the series.

Series MVP: Paul Goldschmidt

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American League Wild Card Playoff Game

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Los Angeles Angels @ New York Yankees

Angels win 6 - 3

The Angels offense will be potent but not consistent through the regular season but it will show up in a big way in the Wild Card playoff game. They’ll hit three home runs including one by Mike Trout as they route the Yankees easily. The Yankees late comeback bid will fall well short as the Angels will feel confident going to face their inner division rivals.

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American League Division Series – 1

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Los Angeles Angels vs. Texas Rangers

Rangers win series 3 games to 2

The entire season was won by the Rangers and the Angels will come into the series vowing to right that wrong. They’ll fall short in game 1 as Yu Darvish shuts down their popping offense. After the Angels decidingly take games two and three they will lead in game four forcing many to question why Darvish was not brought back on short rest.

The Rangers offense will click once again late however as the Angels bullpen will let them rally back for a dramatic win capped off by the revitalized Prince Fielder. Darvish will then dominate the revived Angels offense in game 5 to clinch the series win.

Series MVP: Prince Fielder

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American League Division Series – 2

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Kansas City Royals vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Rays win series 3 games to 2

In a low-scoring series the Royals will take the first two games in hard fought fashion. Instead of clinching in game three however they will lose the lead in a late Rays rally. The win by the Rays will stun the Royals as they will lose the next two games. Though all close games, the Rays will finally feel awesome by going to the ALCS.

Series MVP: James Loney

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American League Championship Series

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Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers

Rangers win series 4 games to 3

In a series that will be a classic for the Rangers, Yu Darvish will be the point of questions once again as Washington will hold him back for regular rest until game three. The decision will be questioned as the Rays take the first two games in smashing fashion. Darvish will turn everything around with a complete game shutout in game 3 however and the Rangers will take game four as well.

Game five will go to the Rays as Loney continues to have a great postseason. The Rays will have game six in the bag until the Rangers and Prince Fielder rally late once again to send the series to a game seven. Game seven will be the stage for Darvish as he dominates the Rays for his second shutout of the series to clinch the series win.

Series MVP: Yu Darvish

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World Series

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Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Texas Rangers

Rangers win series 4 games to 1

What will be built up as two powerful offenses going against each other will live up to the hype. Unfortunately for the DBacks, they will fall just short in the high scoring games except their lone win in game 4 to avoid the sweep. Yu Darvish will complete one of the more dominant postseasons in recent history by going 5 – 0 with one no-decision and giving up only 4 runs in 47 innings for a 0.76 postseason ERA.

The DBacks will get strong contributions from Paul Goldschmidt and Mark Trumbo but just fall short of keeping the Rangers down because of the dominant series of Shin-Soo Choo. Choo will bat just over .450 for the series with a grand slam, 6 runs scored and 7 driven in total.

Series MVP: Shin-Soo Choo

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2014 MLB Season Awards

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AL Rookie of the Year: George Springer

Springer will burst onto the scene for the Astros, helping lead them to a 70+ win season and running way with ROTY honors. He’ll club 31 home runs and drive in 92 RBI.

NL Rookie of the Year: Gregory Polanco

When Starling Marte goes down early in the season with a minor hamstring injury, Polanco will get his shot at MLB outfield. He will debut with a bang and never look back, just edging Kolten Wong for the NL ROTY honor.

AL Manager of the Year: Ned Yost

Yost will be given a ton of credit for leading the Royals to their best season in a long time with MOTY honors that will be well deserved.

NL Manager of the Year: Matt Williams

Williams will lead the Nationals to the second best record in MLB, behind only the Rangers. His first year will be as good as and even better than most expect that it will go and he will unquestioningly win MOTY.

AL Cy Young Award: Yu Darvish

Darvish’s awesome season will include a no-hitter and an ERA below 2.00. It will be so good that most will figure he couldn’t possibly pitch better until they see his unbelievable postseason performance.

NL Cy Young Award: Clayton Kershaw

Though his season will be less dominant than the 2013 gem and he will be closely contested by the Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright, Kershaw will win the award once again. This will draw even more comparisons between his dominance and that of Hall of Famer Greg Maddux.

AL MVP: Mike Trout

When the Angels finally put things together and clinch a wildcard berth, it will lead voters to finally give Trout the award he probably should have already won. He’ll win his first of many MVPs going away.

NL MVP: Paul Goldschmidt

The addition of Mark Trumbo will allow Goldschmidt to produce even better in some areas in 2014 than he did in 2013. This time because the DBacks won their division he will win the award though closely edging Bryce Harper who also will have a great year.

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  • BC

    I get that ppl like to make bold predictions, but you actually think that St Louis, Boston, Detroit, and Oakland are all going to miss the playoffs…?

    C’mon man, that’s ridiculous.

    • David Miller Rant

      Well Boston missed the playoffs the season before by quite a bit. Oakland is always an overachiever so it wouldn’t be too shocking if they just missed the second wildcard spot in a fight to the finish. Detroit is a bold prediction but they and St. Louis I have falling victim to a vicious division where no one really comes out shining.

      With a lot of changes it seems very possible that Detroit could fall a bit. Meanwhile St. Louis barely made the playoffs in 2012 which isn’t that long ago. How crazy would it have seemed to suggest the Giants would finish basically last in the NL West for most of the 2013 season after winning it all in 2012? Baseball is a crazy game man. We’ll see what happens. Thanks for your comment!!

      • BC

        Very classy reply (no sarcasm). I understand your analysis re Oakland. That, along w the AL East, will be the best division in baseball. NL Central isnt too shabby, either.

        Re Boston – they did indeed miss the playoffs in 2012. However, keep in mind that was the first time since 1966 that they lost 90+ games in a season. Last yr was pbly a lot more indicative of what they are as a ball club. And they essentially feature a team identical to last yr’s. They may be the most balanced team in the AL, while St Louis (or LAD) are pbly the most balanced in the NL.

        I will say tho that if your predictions are correct, baseball will be a lot more interesting this yr. As much as I respect Boston, Detroit, and St Louis, I get tired of seeing the same teams make the playoffs every yr.

        • David Miller Rant

          Yeah I will admit that some of the prediction was born from wanting to see things shift around a little bit. The Rays winning the East for example would be a good sign of that. As far as the Red Sox go i think at least one factor will be how well Jackie Bradley Jr. does replacing Jacoby Ellsbury in center.

          They expect him to be better already on defense and offense is a bit of a wild card. If he blows up his rookie campaign as well as Bogaerts doing well too, the boys from Boston will be hard to beat. You know the rotation will be solid.

          • BC

            I actually kinda like the Rays prediction. Hard to ever count out those guys. That and you never know how a team performs the yr after winning a title. While the Red Sox had solid yrs in 05 and 08, this is also a new manager at the helm.

            I’m curious abt why you like AZ so much. Maybe you are seeing something I am simply missing. Fill me in, my man

          • David Miller Rant

            Well I’m thinking they will have a surprisingly good starting staff with youngster Archie Bradley competing for ROTY and Patrick Corbin completing a solid year. It will flow from there. I like Reed at closer to solidify the pen. Offensively I think Trumbo and Goldschmidt become a huge combo with Prado having one of his best years. I just think they’ll be good enough to best the dodgers for those reasons. I could be wrong of course. I do think my season would be very entertaining though. Ha… Especially with Yu Darvish coming through with a legendary postseason to save the Rangers. Heh… I’m a sucker for drama.

          • BC

            Just signed Arroyo, too. Big innings eater to complement what was a taxed and depleted bullpen at times last yr. Could be wrong, but I think AZ blew more 8th and 9th inning leads than any other team in the League last yr.

            There are gonna be four pretty damn good rotations in the NL West this yr.

            …and then there’s Colorado…

          • David Miller Rant

            That does make it a deep bunch in AZ. I think my having them as the winners of the NL West is looking better and better. Like you say though those are all good rotations. I’d put it LAD, AZD, SDP, SFG, COR. The Giants could leap up the list if Cain, Hudson, Lincecum and well all of them regain previous form.

  • ak

    How is Oakland not first they’ve won back to back AL West titles and got better in the offseason, the A’s get no love from anybody.

    • Mike

      It’s because Oakland sucks.

      • marcus

        then how come they lose too Oakland every year lol

    • David Miller Rant

      Well, I think at this point the A’s are actually the favorites in most minds. It is a strange position for them to be in. When you consider how good the Rangers should be and the Angels will be better, it is possible they could lose out barely. Consider also how rare it is for a team to win three consecutive titles and it seems even more possible. It would be kind of cool if the underdog won three straight though.

  • Mike

    Yay, someone picked Texas to win the World Series.

    • David Miller Rant

      Yeah, I really don’t think it is all far-fetched. If they get consistent contributions from Fielder, Beltre, Rios, Choo and others they will be very tough to beat. Thanks for your comment.

  • Frank Peavey

    Fun to read. I like the outside the box approach. My Red Sox were considered a 4th place team at best this time last year, and how did that work out?

    The only thing that really stood out to me was Houston finishing ahead of Seattle. With King Felix, Taijuan Walker, and Iwakuma alone they’re miles better than the Astros.

    • David Miller Rant

      Thanks for the comment! I think the Sox are one of those teams that no one ever seems to pick to go all the way you know? But then again that will make it even more fun if they go all the way and win it all again. I really think the Astros will be a surprise team this season and the M’s will have a year to get gelled before they really can succeed. That’s just one opinion though. Thanks for sharing yours!

  • Jon

    The indians last in the division. Do some research next time they have one of the top 10 lineups in baseball and they have a young pitching staff but they all have potential to pitch deep into games and get wins. Not to mention there bench depth they have. I’m not saying they will win the division but they will have another 90+ win season.

    • David Miller Rant

      I really like the Indians too. When going through I just figured they might under-perform this year in the same way they kind of over-performed last year. I hope they don’t but it is a simple prediction. For the way I approached it, the Royals and the Indians are kind of interchangeable as I figure one will over and will will under perform. I understand your point though and I hope they do win 90+. Thanks for your comment.

      • Jon

        Personally I think the indians under preformed last year. Well in terms of their line up and what I think the front offices were expecting. Nick swisher and Bourne defiently didn’t preform the way the indians had hoped to when they signed them last off season. Injuries nagged both of them throughout the season. So I think you can expect improvement in them. Also asdrubal Cabrera had a rough season so if he can bounce back and have a season like he did the year before your looking at an improved lineup. I expect kipinis to have another good season along with Brantley and yan Gomes. Also with the addition of David Murphy is a wild card in how he will preform. If you take all this and you look at what they did last year they were 5th in most runs and didn’t have one player hit over .300 that says a lot. If you factor in what they lost in terms of their rotation it’s a lot scott kazmir and Jimenez. But without those two it opens the doors for a good competition for those spots. I believe masterson will have another good year, Corey kluber will build on what he did and learned last year, Danny Salazar definitely a wild card and if he would have played two less innings he would definitely be a strong candidate for rookie of the year this year I believe he will build on his success he had last year, josh tomlin coming off tommy johns should be interesting and same with Carlos carrasco if he can get the sp role who knows what he will do and Mcallister will regress from
        Last year and I think he will struggle this year and they will send him down. With all that being said their bullpen is still a bit of a mess but at least perez is gone but axford isn’t the answer so we will have to wait and see what happens but I can tell you this much. The indians will be a team that gets under estimated again like last year. You also can’t forget about Francona he is a great manager so I can tell you this they will be in it this year I believe the standing will be
        5.white soxs
        But i think just like last year the indians are going to be right on detriots tail like last yea

        • David Miller Rant

          What you say is true though I am afraid the starting rotation will hurt them a little bit more. It should be mentioned that if Jimenez continues to go unsigned it remains a small possibility that he will return for the one year deal. That would change things a lot. I like Salazar but as you say he is a bit of a wild card.

          I don’t think the offense will be a big issue for them but I do think the pitching might bring them down a little. All of that said, I completely agree that Tito is one of the best managers in the game. He could get blood out of a turnip so who knows how good they could be.

  • Mike Panebianco

    I’m biased because I am a huge mets fan, but to say Miami will be in 3rd place in the NL east and be “mathematically” in the wild card hunt is a bit much. They had 62 wins in 2013. Mets had 74, and yes they lost Harvey but their additions this offseason were respectable. I see at least 78 wins out of them…Miami? 70 tops.

    • David Miller Rant

      I can respect that prediction. I think those two teams will be third and fourth in the division at the end whichever way. I had to pick one so I went with Miami overachieving quite a bit. You maybe closer to right in the end. We’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for the comment. For what it’s worth I think when the Mets have Harvey and Syndergaard in the rotation, they’ll probably be to the point where they are a force for the division lead, not just third or second.

  • BC

    Teams that will improve by 5+ games from 2013:
    -San Fran

    Teams that will decline by 5+
    -Tampa Bay

    • Evileagueofevil

      How will the rays decline? Their roster has only improved this off season.

      • BC

        It’s a fair point. I just have a feeling the Rays are due for some regression this yr. I don’t see Loney having the all-world yr he did in 2013, and no way does Balfour only blow 3 saves this yr. The fact that Baltimore didn’t sign him bc of the results of his physical concern me. That and I wonder abt the 3-5 in their rotation w Cobb, Hellickson and Archer. I may be crazy, though, bc I believe the Yankees (w their myriad health concerns and aging players) will finish above them in the division.

        I hope I am wrong, though. As a baseball fan, I sort of hold the Rays (as well as the A’s) as a paragon to the baseball community. Friedman and Maddon are as good as it gets. Along w the Rangers, they are the only team in baseball to have won 90+ games each of the past four seasons. In a brutally difficult division (as well as AL, in general), I just see that trend ending this yr.

    • David Miller Rant

      I like this comment a lot because its hard to argue with, ha. I think you are pretty right on with a few exceptions. I do think the Rays will improve this season especially since they appear to be hanging on to Price. I also think the Pirates will at least be as good and probably take a step forward just for momentum’s sake. The Braves are a bit of a mystery. They should be better but if the Nats are much improved, that alone could make them -5 wins. Great comment, we’ll see what happens.

      • BC

        Thanks, man.

        See above for my reasoning re Rays. As far as Atl goes, I boil it down to 1. They won 96 games last yr (so they could still finish around 88-90 wins – which is where I have em – and still decline by 5 games); 2. Gattis hitting cleanup and being the everyday catcher troubles me; 3. They had a historically low runs allowed total last yr, which is due for regression; 4. They lack a true no. 1 pitcher; 5. Washington got a ton better (as you mentioned)

        Pitt is due for maybe the sharpest decline, imo. While I think there’s something to momentum, they basically had career yrs from guys like Melancon, Grilli et al bullpen arms. That and they still lack a lot of pop in their lineup. Their division is pretty darn good, too. I just feel like Huntington did the team a disservice by making no significant roster additions over the winter. Oh, and I will always have questions re Liriano’s consistency from yr to yr.

  • Nathan

    you’ve lost all credibility.

    St. Louis or Detroit not in the playoffs is an absolute joke.

    • David Miller Rant

      Possibly true but… St. Louis has made the playoffs four of the last seven years but one of them was barely sneaking in as the second wildcard. Still, its not like they make it every single season. They are a classy organization and will make it more times than not but it is always possible that they miss it. They have three of the last seven seasons.

      The Tigers have made the playoffs four years running but showed up only once between 1988 and 2010. It might not seem possible but it is far from a joke by those numbers. Thanks for your comment.

      • Dan

        Just because the Cardinals have made the playoffs 4 out of the past 5 years (why would you pointlessly include the 2007 and 08? before the playoffs) doesn’t mean they are due to miss the playoffs. That’s not how baseball or sports in general work. If you have the best skills, talent, and experience YOU WILL WIN. The Cardinals are the only team in the NL central to improve where they are weak unlike the Pirates and Reds who actually weakened. The Cardinals and the Dodgers are the two best teams in the NL and you have neither of them winning their respectable divisions, the odds of at least 1 not winning the playoffs is absurd. . Plus you don’t have the Red Sox even making the playoffs with a wild card? This is a joke.

        • David Miller Rant

          See my response above. Anything can happen in baseball. The Red Six sudden turnaround last season shows that clearly. Ythabks for your comment.

      • eric

        Is that what you think sports is about? random chance? that talent doesn’t decide who makes it? Like I said earlier the Cardinals are the best team on paper in a LONGGGGG time. They had a run differential of 187 last year! Waccha and Miller only pitched 230 combined IP last season and went 19-6 with a 2.95 ERA. Both were 22 year old flamethrowers in their ROOKIE YEAR. Can you imagine how much better that team will be getting 400-430 IP out of them in their second year? Both players have stunning stuff (Miller was number 3 prospect in all of baseball) so I can’t imagine you thought they got lucky last year. Then there is Carlos Martinez and Taveraz, both stunning prospects ready to break through. I don’t see how anyone could look at that team and not see one of the most talented rosters ever assembled. All they really lost this year was Beltran, which should easily be replaced with a full year Matt Adams combined with the call up of Taveras who is the number 3 prospect in the world according to BA (Ranked one spot ahead of 175 mill Tanaka). By the way I’m not a Cards fan if you just think i’m being as biased as you, I’m a Dodger fan. I suggest you don’t bother writing anymore about baseball, at least not until you learn a little about the game. Can’t win the division because they have already won it before lol. 97 wins and 187 run diff. It blows my mind they did that that with sooooo little from Waccha, Miller, Martinez and Taveras. I feel hopeless for my Dodgers

        • David Miller Rant

          Hey man I get it. I understand your point completely and on paper they should completely dominate. As Kenny Mayne used to say games aren’t played on paper, they are played inside TV sets. Anything really can happen in MLB. Wacha should be great but how many have we said that about in this game that turned out not to be? There are zero guarantees in baseball and anyone who has watched the game religiously for almost 30 years as I have knows that. There is always room for surprising turns of events. One injury to Yadier Molina almost took it all away last season though they picked themselves back up. One more bad week last year and they would have been enjoying that run differential at home. I know they should be awesome and they might well be. Anyone that knows baseball however knows there are no guarantees. I am very thankful for your comment and I am not questioning your knowledge of the game as you did mine. I just know that anything can happen. Is it random chance? No. The cards still have to play the games before they get a trophy and the fact that anything can happen is the reason for that.

  • Garret

    There’s an awful lot of love for a Braves team on here that didn’t look particularly great in the playoffs and spent most of its season beating up on the Mets, Marlins, and Phillies. The Nats were also kind of feckless for about 2/3s of the season. If the Marlins improve and the Nats improve (I agree with you they will) I just don’t see where all those wins are coming from in that division for both the Nats and the Braves.

    I also just don’t think the Braves are that good. I don’t buy Uggla or BJ Upton turning it around—at this point those guys just are what they are. Upton is basically this generation’s JD Drew, and he’s not even as good as JD Drew. The Braves do not have the depth to adequately fill those holes. You’re also kind of gambling on an equal or bigger year from Freddie Freeman for an offense that was middling (20th in BA and 13th in runs) to begin with, and full seasons from a slate of rookies. Maybe Maholm and Hudson didn’t have particularly productive years last year but they combined for 47 starts.

    That burden supposedly is going to be helped by Brandon Beachy who hasn’t been healthy for the better part of 2 years, and in his last full season had an ERA over 3.5. He looked good to close out the season last year but that was an August run of the Phillies (twice) Mets and Marlins, all of whom were in full on rebuilding mode at that point. The rest of it is on the shoulders of Alex Wood (who looks legit) Nathan Hale (of the 6-9 3.22 ERA in AAA last year and no other minor league ERA below 3.75 since rookie ball) and Gavin Floyd still rehabbing from Tommy John. That’s one guy whose success at the end of last year is completely explained away by his competition, everyone knows year 1 after TJ can and usually is kind of ugly, and two kids who have never thrown a major league innings load, one of whom hasn’t been particularly dazzling at any level. You also lose Brian McCann who was a great signal caller for rookie pitchers the last few years. There’s a ton riding on a lot of very iffy propositions on that Braves team. If two of them go wrong they’ll probably miss the playoffs entirely. If any more go wrong they might not win more than 81 games if the Nats are substantially better and the Marlins are marginally better. One thing about the
    baseball season is that for pretty much every team but 1 you can count on the length of it exposing any and every weakness.

    So maybe you’re right. Heck maybe the Braves get to be that one team next year where nothing goes wrong and they even win the world series. I just don’t see it happening. How the Cardinals and Dodgers which are pretty much the deepest teams (Cardinals by farm, Dodgers by major league talent and pocketbook) in the NL are out of the playoff picture is beyond me.

    I do love the pick of Kansas City though. They’re my underdog of the year too.

  • chris

    this guy is an idiot for thinking the indians will finish last

    • David Miller Rant

      Thanks for your comment. I hope they don’t. Actually I’m pulling for them to battle out with the Royals. We will see.

  • BrewingRanger711

    I don’t necessarily agree with all the predictions, but I love your predictions for my Rangers. A dream World Series matchup would be revenge vs the Cards or a series vs the Dodgers and a classic pitching duel between Darvish and Kershaw in Game 7. Going by your predictions, Darvish would be the unofficial postseason MVP. Hopefully the Rangers do win the World Series!

  • Guest

    You are a fucking

  • Taylor Marrs

    It is completely unfair to count St. Louis out. The team who tied for best regular season record and NL Champ a year ago, and all they have done is improve. The additions of Peralta, and Bourjos, a beyond bountiful supply of young arms. There is no reason not to believe that Shelby Miller, and Michael Wacha will not put up numbers better than, or at least equal to last seasons. Not to mention Cy Young Contender Adam Wainwright, and 2013 MVP Candidates Yadier Molina, and Matt Carpenter. To back them up they supply the bats of Matt Holliday and Allen Craig. Plus Mike Matheny, who has competed for a championship in BOTH of his first two seasons. But yes lets count the Pirates, who made the playoffs for the first time in over 20 years last season and LOST to STL in not only the post season but the division race and their regular season series. That team being counted out of the postseason is absolutely a joke. It’s actually beyond a joke.